What space the high skinny towers with the flashing red lamp on height of them. I understand the lights room for plane safety, but are the towers radio repeaters, mobile towers or what? The ones I typical are the ones with no evident apparatus attached to them that stick out. Simply tall and also skinny and also stop or taper off at the top.

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It is incredibly easy to tell what a tower is provided for. Just observe what kind of antennas are on it.You have the right to also:1. Gain Google Earth: Google Earth2. Obtain the FCCinfo.com Google planet file: FCCInfo - now on Google Earth! (this will just tell you that owns the tower. A most them are owned by tower administration companies.)3. Uncover the works with of towers top top Google Earth4a. Look up the collaborates in the FCC patent Proximity find box ~ above the usmam.org.com database key page: http://www.usmam.org.com/apps/db/ or...4b. Look up the coordinates using the website / Frequency search function on the FCC database page: FCC general Menu Reports 3.1.12 may 17, 2010
What you explain are AM broadcast towers. They"re dubbed vertical radiators and are insulated indigenous ground at the bottom. The neighboring area is usually covered with a counterpoise consists of wires radiating indigenous the area in ~ the bottom the the tower. The obstruction lighting is extended by both FAA and FCC regulations and also consists of managed lamps that provide an alert when/if lock burn out, in ~ which point the owner need to fix them within a set time. Every tower has actually an FCC it is registered number as well, as long as the stands more than a specific height above the neighborhood terrain. If you were looking at an to be tower design to run on 880 kHz and the style called for a half-wave radiator climate the tower would be around 530 feet high (468/.880), for this reason you can see why this things often tend to get pretty large.

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Could be virtually anything. Castle could additionally be a tower sustaining a small antenna that"s complicated to check out from the height of the tower. Many towers prefer this space for to be broadcasting due to the fact that the tower is additionally the antenna. These are frequently directional arrays that have multiple towers come properly define the mandated pattern. Am stations may additionally have various patterns for daylight operation and nighttime operation (defined as neighborhood sunset to sunrise) which might have different towers in use throughout the work from ones used at night.If you deserve to state precisely where they are (including images would likewise be helpful) we may have the ability to tell friend what those do. If you can acquire close enough, there have to be part ASRN tower identification numbers posted by regulation that would aid in identifying precisely which tower(s) lock are. Please keep in mind that if a station has actually a 12 tower array, they usually would have 12 identification numbers.This attach --> A an option from a decade of visits to tower and also studio website in the Northeast and beyond mirrors various different towers and tells what significant stations use them. One is a 12 tower array for a directional AM terminal that has a shot of the ASRN numbers for that site. Please keep in mind that on many of the towers in the top picture are 1500 foot tall and in enhancement to the FM and TV stations provided have antennas for repeaters offered by hams, businesses, and governmental agencies that room of attention to scanner folks.