The Sacrament of confirmation is the 2nd of the three sacraments of Christian initiation.

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Confirmation completes Baptism, by which in the laying on of hands and also the anointing with Chrism Oil, which very first happened at Baptism, us are evidenced with the fullness of the divine Spirit.

We room reminded of our participation in the ministry and also mission of Jesus, and also strengthened to follow Jesus an ext closely.

What happens throughout the sacrament the Confirmation?

The Sacrament that Confirmation is composed of the rejuvenation of baptismal promises and also the laying on the hands and also anointing with the oil that Chrism. The anointing the the candidate is a authorize of confirming the gift that the Spirit, and calling the candidates to usage these gifts to become associated in the life and mission of the community.

Usually the bishop presides end this sacrament.

What are the symbolic gestures of check - Laying that hands

The bishop locations his hand on the head the the candidates and prays for the gifts of the holy Spirit.

This ritualises the connection to Baptism and also the increase of the holy Spirit in ours vocation to follow the means of Jesus.

Anointing with oil

What are the symbolic gestures of confirmation - Anointing v oil

The anointing that the candidate at check recognises that they space sealed through the holy Spirit.

The bishop anoints the candidate’s forehead with the Oil the Chrism, saying ‘Be sealed through the gift that the holy Spirit’.

The authorize of Peace

What are the symbolic gestures of confirmation - The authorize of Peace

At the finish of the rite, the bishop puts his hand ~ above the next of the candidate’s face and says ‘Peace be through you’ and also the candidate replies with ‘And with your spirit’, symbolising the candidate’s ar within the Church community.

What perform I must do if ns would prefer to have actually my boy confirmed?

To start the process to be confirmed you will need to contact your regional parish. We have a web page to assist you contact your nearest parish if you are unsure of your parish contact details.

Parents space the very first teachers of belief to your children and therefore are forced to take component in the parish preparation to enable them to know the definition of the sacrament and also the appointment they will certainly make to support their child’s growth in faith and also life.

To follow up v these, or any other questions, contact your regional parish. The parish office employee will put you in touch through either the parish monk or another an ideal person that will aid you in the procedure of your child’s Confirmation.

Who can be confirmed?

Any baptised person deserve to be admitted because that Confirmation preparation.

Confirmation Name

Choosing a confirmation name has never to be an official part of the sacrament, back it has been a famous custom in plenty of places.

Our offered names are a an extremely important part of ours identity. Parents put a lot of thought into picking a children name. It is suitable for a candidate to confirm the name offered at Baptism.

If a saint’s name is chosen, it must be a name of a saint that inspires the child. Selecting a Confirmation name helps placed us in contact with our greater Christian story.

Who should I choose as a sponsor?

Confirmation is a reaffirmation that the promises made at Baptism, thus the Church recommends the a children godparent take it on the role of sponsor for Confirmation.

Sponsors have to be: at least 16 years old, not the children parent, a Catholic who has been confirmed, receives Communion and who resides a life that faith.

What is the duty of the sponsor?

Since a sponsor has actually such a far-ranging role to play in the advance of the candidate for Confirmation, it is crucial that this human be one who is a living example of faith, one whose actions reflect the actions of Jesus. A confirmation sponsor uses support and also encouragement during the Confirmation preparation process.

During the check ceremony sponsors carry the candidates forward and also present them come the bishop.

Resources because that Confirmation

Evangelisation Brisbane and Liturgy Brisbane have developed the following resources to help with preparation for confirmation in the Archdiocese that Brisbane.

Evangelisation Brisbane:

my Sacramental Journey: Confirmation

‘my Sacramental Journey: Confirmation’ is a 16 page task book draft for kids preparing because that the Sacrament the Confirmation. This resource is obtainable for sale through the Evangelisation Brisbane digital store.

my Sacramental Journey: confirmation to Eucharist

‘my Sacramental Journey: check to Eucharist’ is a 12 page publication designed for children to usage on the journey in between the Sacraments that Confirmation and also Eucharist together they re-publishing their gifts of the holy Spirit with their family, parish, school and community. This resource is available for sale through the Evangelisation Brisbane online store.

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Liturgy Brisbane:

Our household Prepares – Confirmation

This workbook native Liturgy Brisbane is designed come be offered in a family setting with the child and also parents working together. It enables the parish to see the record of the journey and receive the parents’ discernment of their child’s readiness to get the sacrament the Confirmation. This resources is available through the Liturgy Brisbane virtual store.