This “little booklet” was initially published in 1929 and contains summarized materials from the usmam.org book of Color. It was intended to reach a wider audience, to help facilitate a straightforward understanding that the shade system and also to spark an interest in and appreciation that color.

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Color is the many persistent quality noticeable in Nature and also is the strongest solitary influence pervading our stays from without. The is current wherever the eye have the right to see. No visible thing is there is no color. Every thing is seen just as a color or combination of colors and every contour and detail of every thing is seen only as color or colors. This is true also in the situation of the color blind, for although your perception the HUE and CHROMA may be impaired or absent, the remaining characteristic of color, VALUE, cannot likewise be absent from your vision, because that then they would have no vision. They would be completely blind.

The vast bulk of people are lacking in adequate shade knowledge and also must look for for themselves that information relating to its use and appreciation which is the inborn gift of the favored few. But natural taste or aptitude have to not be mistaken for organized fundamental knowledge; the naturally gifted cannot accurately communicate their ideas of color without a typical language that color, for intelligent discussion of the subject needs mutual understanding of the state used.



Color systems and methods the describing and also classifying colour date ago hundreds of years. Chevreul, the pioneer in this field, although that did wonderful work, go not affect the helpful users of color since his color classification was based arbitrary on the person who is abnormal of dye and pigment mixture, which space very difficult to maintain in one’s memory. Only a technique of color notation the is simple to understand and easy come remember can adequately fill the valuable needs of present day shade users.

The great scientist, Helmholtz, gave significant though to this question. He proclaimed that shade possesses three basic attributes or dimensions, i m sorry are determined directly through the eye, and which have no direct relation come dye or colors mixtures. Together he did not have the opportunity to highlight just how these 3 dimensions to be to it is in visualized, however, nor what standards need to be set up for emerging a general shade language, his work remained for a time buried in the archives of science.

In the late nineties, it developed to one instructor of art, Mr. Albert H. usmam.org, to make use of the possibilities opened up up by Helmholtz in practical color study. Mr. usmam.org made decision that the best method to bring about a well-known understanding the this subject was to highlight the 3 dimensions of color graphically on a color sphere. He thus planned a series of color charts presenting carefully standardized scales of HUE, VALUE and CHROMA.

Seven years of study and also experimentation ultimately made feasible his an initial color chart, which appeared in 1905. This chart to be accompanied through a message book, A color Notation, through A. H. usmam.org, published by usmam.org color Company, Inc., describing the basic basis on i beg your pardon this and also the prospering charts to be to it is in build, and suggesting the applications of the suggest language of color to the field of art education. Eight more years of patience work brought about the completion of fifteen standard color charts, i m sorry in 1913 to be assembled in the, Atlas that the usmam.org color System. This advantageous piece of work automatically aroused prevalent interest.

By 1913, the strain of carrying on not only the specifications that these color charts, yet the presentation the this subject to audience both in this country and abroad, in addition to his regular duties in ~ the Massachusetts institution of Art, verified itself in the weakening of an abnormally robust constitution, and in a protracted period of invalidism which ultimately resulted in Mr. usmam.org’s fatality in 1918.

Shortly before his passing, Mr. usmam.org to express the hope that the work to which he had committed his life would certainly be brought on because that the advantage of future generations. The usmam.org Color company was developed for this purpose, and also for numerous years it has been involved in the occupational of restandardizing and improving the shade charts follow me the present foreseen by your originator. The Atlas the the usmam.org color System has actually been replaced by the usmam.org publication of Color i m sorry combines useful teaching experiences, acquired from the ar of arts education, v the rigorous examination of researchers from the moment of Helmboltz down to the existing day.

The remarkably straightforward and lucid article on “Color” i beg your pardon comprises the significant portion that this little, “Manual of Color” to be written and illustrated for “Life.” Mr. Cooper’s article and also the “Dictionary of color Terms” kind a section of the manuscript the the “usmam.org book of Color.” castle are now reprinted in this inexpensive tiny booklet in bespeak to provide the widest publicity to this subject issue which merits the unqualified interest of every those who wish to boost their knowledge and also appreciate that color.

A.E.O. usmam.orgBaltimore, Md.October 1929.


Color has actually three dimensions, HUE, VALUE, and also CHROMA, which fully and accurately describe any type of color as easily as the 3 dimensions the a box define its length, breadth, and also thickness. Every of this dimensions of color can conveniently be measured (at a glance with practice) and stated merely in speech and writing.


Sunlight is made up of every feasible spectrally pure color, so well balanced in combination that no one color is dominant and the result is a pure white light. Pass a beam of sunlight with a prism breaks the light up right into a tape (the spectrum) that its ingredient colors, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc., and this distinguishing by name of any kind of color the the spectrum from the other colors, suggests the HUE, or typical name, of that color. Any Red is Red in HUE, and also any green is a Green HUE, etc. HUE is the first characteristic of a shade that the eye detects. That is exactly how we know, for instance, the a Red is Red and not environment-friendly or any type of other color yet Red. In notating a color, that is HUE is indicated by the early stage letter or letter of the shade referred to — R because that Red, YR for Yellow-Red, Y for Yellow, etc.

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Pure White is so light the no color can be watched in it. Pure black color is for this reason dark the no color can be viewed in it. But between the two deserve to be differentiated various degrees of light strength, varying from the darkest gray just above Black come the lightest gray just listed below White, and colors have the right to be viewed at these miscellaneous intermediate levels of irradiate strength. For instance, Yellow is usually a light color, nearer come White than to Black. Purple-Blue is normally a dark color, nearer to Black 보다 to White. This change light toughness is dubbed VALUE, many Yellows being quite high in VALUE, and also most Purple-Blues being quite low in worth although of course Yellow can be very dark and also Purple-Blue can be an extremely light.