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throughout history, empires have come right into being and also then come to pass. They grow by gaining or overcoming neighboring territories, and once huge enough, can stabilize the politics of a region enough so that the positive results of peace and also prosperity through trade can occur. Unfortunately, favor all person institutions,...

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Throughout history, empires have come into being and then involved pass. They prosper by acquiring or conquering neighboring territories, and also once big enough, can stabilize the national politics of a region enough so the the positive results of peace and also prosperity with trade deserve to occur. Unfortunately, prefer all human institutions, they can end up being corrupt in time as well. It shows up that they increase or die, and also if expanded enough, dice anyway by break apart (like Rome or Alexander the Great"s empire.) your creation and dissolution constantly involve the negative of warfare; even when stable, they tend to suppress any kind of dissidence within its boundaries to preserve that stability. The old ones friend have noted unfortunately share this similarities through the contemporary ones of ours time.

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I"m not quite clear top top one aspect of this question: positive and an unfavorable effects because that WHOM? are you asking about the effects on the people who rule the empire or top top the ruled? I"ll prize this with a focus on the ruled.

For people who fall under one empire, there are positives and also negatives. The many usual potential positives space 1) much better economic opportunities and 2) an ext security.

Empires enable for better economic methods (especially in the old days) since they allowed for trade in between various areas. Trade between countries could be prohibition or be also dangerous, yet trade within an empire would no be.

Empires deserve to provide much better security for countless people since they will certainly not be subject to wars going on between countries. This to be the idea behind the "Pax Romana" throughout the roman inn Empire. Instead of having actually lots of countries fighting (and potentially destroying your crops and also property) you acquire peace.

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The negatives room that you obtain ruled and the rulers will certainly care an ext about what"s great for them 보다 what"s an excellent for you.