Sliding mitts space a an extremely commonly offered piece of devices in baseball. These specialized gloves have grown in popularity end the years and administer many safety and security benefits. Slide mitts room not required, yet many skilled baseball players will usage them.

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Benefits of Baseball slide Mitts

Baseball sliding mitts space a type of glove that a baseball player wears if on the base. A baseball player will certainly usually just wear one mitt at a time and also leave the other hand free. While many players wear slide mitts on their dominant hand, there is no basic rule. Slide mitts space usually made out of some type of elastic with hard plates in the lining. As soon as a player reaches base safely, they will retrieve a slide mitt from either a coach or ball boy to usage for the remainder the the inning.

Sliding mitts have a few different security benefits. The elastic is typically compressed, i m sorry creates far better support because that wrists. The tough plates or shell will protect the fingers and also hand from being hurt by jamming lock on the base of gift stepped on by a player. Sliding mitts will provide an in its entirety sense of defense from different varieties of impact-related injuries.

Things to Consider

When looking for a sliding mitt, you"ll want to consider the following:

What size sliding mitt space you feather for?How much do you desire to spend on a sliding mitt?Are you appropriate or left-handed?

What space you looking for in a baseball sliding mitt?

Maximum protectionAffordabilityDurabilityYouth useAdult useEasy come clean


When considering which form of baseball sliding mitt come buy, constantly consider the durability, cost, and sizes.


Sliding mitts space usually very durable. Due to the fact that these gloves are not used an extremely often, castle will most likely last at least a few seasons. However, after ~ each usage they will most likely become really dirty so cleaning them regularly will help prevent wear.


Sliding mitts will commonly cost in between $40 and also $60. Most types of sliding mitts room made with comparable materials such as elastic, neoprene, or polyurethane. The many expensive mitts will usually have actually ample security for both the hand and wrists.


Most baseball sliding mitts will come in a one dimension fits every category. The mitts deserve to usually be readjusted with velcro straps which enables them come fit countless sized hands. Part mitts will come in two different size categories, youth or adult. Also, part gloves will certainly come in ideal or left-hand particular sizes, while others have the right to be provided for both hands.


The most popular brands that create baseball slide mitts are EvoShield, Tru-Pro, and 44 agree Guards.


EvoShield specializes in make protective equipment for baseball as well as a few other sports. They make a single form of slide mitt the comes in both right and also left-handed options, and also is one dimension fits all. This mitt is easily accessible in a couple of different colors and costs $49.99.


Tru-Pro is a brand that makes a few different pieces of protective equipment for baseball. Your sliding mitt comes in either black color or red and also comes in both youth and adult sizes. This mitt deserve to be used on one of two people hand and also will cost roughly $40 to $45.

44 pro Guards

44 agree Guards is another agency that largely produces protective equipment for baseball. They make a single kind of slide mitt which can be fully customized. Because of its customizability, this mitt will expense upwards of $70 and take 4 to 5 weeks come ship.

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While beginning of the person baseball players execute not necessarily need sliding mitts, castle are highly recommended. Sliding mitts will help protect inexperienced players from injuring us while improperly sliding. Lock are additionally useful to have actually for all ability levels in case an opposing player actions on your hand.

Sliding mitts deserve to be worn on one of two people hand, and also there is no rule regarding which one is better. However, players frequently prefer to wear them on their leading hand. Whichever hand you prefer leading with during a slide is normally the one you should put your mitt on. Constantly make sure to watch which hand the mitt is draft for prior to purchasing it.

Sliding mitts deserve to be used any time a player will a base. If the batter renders it come base, always ask for permission native the umpire come either obtain your mitt or have someone carry it to you. If you usage a sliding mitt it have to be worn any kind of time you room on base, together you never understand when it have the right to be useful.