Many pets eat grass together their main source of food, including cows, grasshoppers, rabbits, deer, sheep, horses, goats, bison, buffalos, zebras, kangaroos, and many others. The perform is an extremely long.

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Basically, every the animals that belong to the family members of grass-eating mammals are referred to as “grazers”. And also grass is just one of the most widely available types of food top top the planet due to the fact that it’s conveniently reproducible, relatively cheap, and easy come maintain.


Even in nature, plenty of herbivorous animals have grass as their main resource of food, specifically when there room no other species of herbivorous foods around. These pets include grasshoppers, deer, bison, zebras, kangaroos, and also many others.

However, no all trained herbivorous animals eat grass. Cows, rabbits, sheep, and also horses do, while goats will likewise eat grass, yet will also look for other plant-based sources of food.

Let’s take a look at at some of the more common pets that eat grass.

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10 animals that Eat Grass
1. Cows
2. Grasshoppers
3. Horses
4. Lamb
5. Goats
6. Deer
7. Bison
8. Elephants
9. Hare
10. Zebras
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10 pets that Eat Grass

1. Cows

For cows, grass is the primary source of food. That’s specifically the case in farms where farmer look to provide grass-fed cattle to their customers, i beg your pardon is a highly valued form of meat.

On these farms, cows will eat both fresh and dried grass, although new grass often tends to have an ext nutrients. Dried grass, top top the other hand, is also an extremely commonly offered in farms. It’s great for those farmers that don’t have actually a lot of grasslands and also tend come buy the dried grass from various other farmers or produce it on your own.

The cow’s grass is called “cud”. It’s claimed that ~ above average, a cow will spend almost 8 hrs chewing its cud, which quantities to approximately 30.000 chews daily! it is an astonishing number, although maybe not together surprising considering how slowly cows chew.

2. Grasshoppers

Yes, grasshoppers can likewise be had in the list of grass eaters. Most grasshopper species are herbivorous animals, and also they’ll mostly look because that leaves and seeds, but will additionally consume grass when there space no other foods around.

In fact, for part farmers, grasshoppers might end up being a difficulty if they begin chewing their create too often, which could lead lock to begin chewing grass. And also when they have actually cattle about that demands to be fed, climate farmers regularly opt because that the alternative to remove the grasshoppers.

3. Horses

Horses love grass. Castle love almost any type of pasture, consisting of cow pastures, and also hay. However not all varieties of grass are perfect for a horse’s digestion. They choose to eat grass near the roots, which means that horses regularly pull out larger sections that grass, i m sorry might result in pastures without grass.

Cows, ~ above the other hand, graze the grass through their tongues and also will only pick increase the upper part of the grass. This way that they’ll rather shorten the grass, however not remove it completely.

So for that reason, many farmers opt to feeding them a different kind of grass v stronger and also deeper roots. Hay is often crucial source that food because that horses, too. Top top average, a horse can chew approximately 25lbs the grass every day.

4. Sheep

Sheep room often considered to be organic lawnmowers. They have the right teeth and also digestions suitable to a grass diet, for this reason they’ll just graze the grass near the optimal of the grass follicles.

You can have periodically seen the a pasture whereby the sheep were feeding on the grass is much much more even and nicely distributed, unlike horse pastures which have tendency to obtain deteriorated completely. Sheep are herbivores that prefer to eat grass, but almost any other type of vegetarian food, consisting of leaves and seeds.

5. Goats

Goats, top top the other hand, room much much more adaptable as soon as it involves their diet. They’ll additionally like to eat grass, but it’s no their primary source of food. Instead, goats will look come eat leaves and also bushes first before they rotate to grass.

That’s due to the fact that goats are extremely adaptable to what the atmosphere gives them. They deserve to survive in nice harsh conditions and also where there’s no a lot of grass, because they have the right to feed on different food sources.

6. Deer

Deer room friendly and also peaceful pets that have actually a primarily vegetarian diet. They’ll eat anything native grass to leaves and also other types of herbivorous food they might come across. Favor goats, castle not really picky about their food.

Sometimes, when they feel totally safe, they’ll protect against by in an open pasture and enjoy some herbal grass. However, this leader them to end up being vulnerable to attacks from predators, therefore they must be wary.

This way that deer will choose other types of food an initial where they have actually a little an ext control over your surroundings, such together leaves, for example.

7. Bison

Bison will practically exclusively eat grass. They have actually an superior digestive mechanism which is dubbed the ruminant system. They’re ruminants, which method they room able to gradually ferment food in their stomachs prior to they digest it, which gives them more space to store the food.

However, bison will likewise eat other types of vegetation as soon as there’s no grass around. And because part bison species live in an extremely dry areas, they need to adapt and also consume other types of vegetation, too. Yet they’ll mostly only be uncovered in locations where yes sir a the majority of grass.

8. Elephants

Elephants are likewise herbivores, and they’ll eat anything native twigs, leaves, come grass and roots. They’re not picky when it comes to their food, although they usually prefer to eat twigs from higher places and also trees, and they’ll also turn come grass when they are in a meadow area.

African elephants, especially, space browsers, which means they’ll search for practically any kind of vegetable-based food, including grass. Eastern elephants, ~ above the various other hand, space grazers, which way they’ll primarily eat grass. They have actually the ability to clean up grass locations nicely, together they won’t normally consume entire pieces of grass, however only a part of them.

9. Rabbits

Who might forget rabbit on this lengthy list of animals that eat grass? They’re therefore cute and also fluffy, and also the primary resource of food because that them is grass. When we have them in captivity, us will generally have to provide hay for them.

In the wild, hare will only feed ~ above grass, and also rarely on other vegetation varieties that are discovered near the ground. They have a one-of-a-kind mechanism dubbed “hindgut fermentation”, which allows them come digest grass more easily.

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10. Zebras

Zebras will generally eat grass and also sedges, but will likewise sometimes turn to fruits, roots, and bark. But since most zebras live in grassy areas with higher types of grass, the becomes their primary resource of food. A stunning reality with zebras is that they’ll invest up come 80% of their time feeding ~ above grass!

Final Thoughts

There are numerous grass-eaters in enhancement to the ones we’ve stated in the article. You will uncover that various other animal varieties such as kangaroos, elk, rhinoceros, giraffe, and also others, likewise belong to this group. Grass is perhaps among the most universal varieties of food the is discovered everywhere in the world, and also many different pets eat it.