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Edwards starts the sermon saying the God will enact vengeance on those who carry out not follow his native (counsel). He adds the the mere will of God is the just thing maintaining wicked males out the hell. This is God"s "arbitrary mercy" that keeps wicked males out the hell. He...

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Edwards begins the sermon saying the God will enact vengeance top top those who perform not follow his native (counsel). That adds that the mere will certainly of God is the only thing keeping wicked guys out the hell. This is God"s "arbitrary mercy" the keeps wicked men out that hell. That calls that "arbitrary" to imply that God"s mercy ~ above the evil is meaningless and He can because of this just together arbitrarily quit reflecting that mercy at any type of time. As soon as God decides to cast someone right into hell, he shows he is every powerful; there is no avoiding Him. 

Edwards claims that God is an ext angry "now" (at the moment of his sermon) with civilization on the earth than the is with every one of the people currently in hell. That repeats that it is only God"s restraining hand the keeps the wicked native slipping into hell. This is to emphasize that the slip can happen at any type of moment, no matter how healthy or for sure a male or mrs thinks he or she is. Regardless of the commitment of works (God"s resolve Adam) or the covenant of elegant (God"s address humanity adhering to the Fall), God has actually made no promises about saving anyone indigenous hell. 

In the "Application" ar of his sermon, Edwards continues with explanation of God"s wrath. He is will on waking his listener up, the shocking them right into being an ext righteous and also therefore open to spiritual experience. The tries to put God"s spiritual wrath in physical, earthly terms. God"s wrath is lot worse than any king"s or warrior"s oppression and also violence. There is no earthly analog that can come close to describing the actual wrath of God. 

At the finish of the sermon which generally hammers the clues of God"s wrath and vengeance, Edwards provides his listener a glimpse that God"s mercy. Those in hell are beyond hope. But those to who he is preaching, lock still have a possibility for salvation. 

Their situation is previous all hope; they are crying in too much misery and perfect despair; however here you room in the floor of the living and in the house of God, and have an possibility to acquire salvation.