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Brabantio states to the Duke:

"To fall in love v what she fear"d come look on! It is a judgment maim"d and most imperfect That will confess perfection so can err Against every rules of nature, and also must be driven To discover out practises of shrewd hell, Why...

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Brabantio says to the Duke:

"To fall in love v what she fear"d to look on! It is a referee maim"d and most imperfect That will certainly confess perfection so could err Against every rules of nature, and must be driven To uncover out practises of cunning hell, Why this should be. I therefore vouch again That v some mixtures an effective o"er the blood, Or through some theatre conjured come this effect, He wrought top top her."

He expresses utter shock and also disbelief that his daughter, Desdemona, could possibly have actually fallen in love v Othello, a man she feared so lot that she could not also look in ~ him. He more avers that the mere pointer is ludicrous and also goes against the rule of nature. Come him the only possible explanation because that Desdemona being with Othello is that he had drugged her with a powerful mixture i m sorry overwhelmed her, or that he had forcibly given her a magical medicine which affected her senses and permitted him to control her.

Brabantio had additionally claimed previously that Othello had stolen Desdemona indigenous him and also that that would have actually been impossible for Othello to do so without using witchcraft or spells and also potions i m sorry he had bought native charlatans.

The Duke display screens excellent judgement by informing Brabantio the his claims cannot be thought just since he swears come them, however that they need to be effectively investigated. Othello then requests the Desdemona be called to give testimony. The duke agrees and instructs the she be brought forth.

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Desdemona expresses a split loyalty to her father and also Othello and says, however, the she owes she husband, Othello, greater allegiance just as lot as her mommy professed better allegiance come him, Brabantio, 보다 to her father.

Brabantio is completely overwrought by Desdemona"s statement and feels betrayed. Prior to departing, he speak Othello:

"Look come her, Moor, if she hast eyes to see:She has deceived her father, and also may thee."