A full of 21 former Georgia High school football assets were selected in this year NFL Draft, bring about the highest total because 2017 and the third-highest in the past decade. The Peach State had actually its greatest group of breeze picks in 2015 through 30 and then led all states in 2017 v its 29.

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In 2018, the complete dipped to simply 12 players and also last year’s draft concluded v 14.

Among the state’s 21 2020 NFL breeze picks are players representing four various graduating classes v five course of 2017, 10 class of 2016, five course of 2015 and one course of 2014. Before we take it a look ago at each pick’s varsity days and also journey to the NFL, here’s much more analysis around this year’s draft by the numbers.

The brand-new York Giants led all groups with four former Georgia high college players selected, The Rams and also Redskins every drafted two and a dozen various other teams selected one (DET, BUF, SF, MIA, CAR, ATL, NE, NYJ, HOU, CLE, MIN, CHI). Additionally, the 21 players breaks under pretty evenly through 10 defensive, ripe offensive and also two specialists.

Here’s just how it played the end by university division: SEC (10), ACC (3), huge TEN (2), sun Belt (1), DI Ind. (1), DII (1), CUSA (1), MAC (1), American athletic (1).

The an initial four Georgia assets selected were Andrew Thomas, Derrick Brown, A.J. Terrell and also Xavier McKinney. Thomas, Terrell and McKinney were all ranked in the peak 10 that the state’s class of 2017 prospects and also Brown was the No. 1 ranked possibility in the course of 2016. Previous Georgia and also Hosuton county quarterback Jake Fromm was also ranked in the height 10 that the course of 2017 as a four-star, yet was the state’s 15th selection in the draft as soon as he to be taken off the plank by the Buffalo receipt in the fifth Round.

Westlake’s Terrell visited the Atlanta Falcons together a cornerback in the an initial round and gives the franchise an amazing local product to star in the secondary. Terrell appeared in the 2017 Under armor All-American game and also played cornerback and receiver at Westlake prior to attending Clemson for three seasons.

Former Whitewater Wildcat Kyle Dugger was selected through the brand-new England Patriots ~ McKinney saw the Giants v the 36th overall. Dugger, who was recognized for his basketball skills at the varsity level did not begin for Whitewater ~ above the gridiron till his an elderly year. Lenoir-Rhyne was one of just three programs to market Dugger and he invested the following six years at the school before emerging as a coveted draft pick. The safety and also return male was the first DII product take away in the 2020 Draft as soon as the Patriots took him in ~ 37th overall.

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Pace Academy to be the only Georgia High school with an ext than one player take away in this year draft. Complying with Thomas getting selected as the No. 4 as whole pick, former Pace Academy kicker Sam Sloman to be drafted in ~ No. 248 as whole by the Rams.