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All counts on what her moisture is.

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The chart that I attached to shows a bushel of ear corn in ~ 15% moisture will certainly weigh 70.7 lbs. And also that load goes up together moisture goes up.

I can"t imagine that a bushel of ear corn would weigh 70.7 lb in PA, and 72 lbs in MN and also IL ...... And something else in another state. I would think that this would be a standardization weight. So, what gives?

Did these standards adjust over time?

a bushel is a unit of volume. Follow to mine sources, a bushel = 1.244 cu ft.

a bushel the ear corn should... Have to .. Have actually the exact same volume together a bushel that shelled corn.

a bushel that ear corn will not weigh the very same as a bushel that shelled corn; however, a bushel shouldequal a bushel.

1bushel the ear corn as soon as shelled out will certainly yield much less than 1 bushel that shelled corn. The difference should it is in the cob.

I wonder if this is really what is happening:

70.7 lb of ear corn (or 72 lb, whichever friend think is accurate) is no really 1 bushel; in volume, the is actually more than 1 bushel. It is the lot of weight that is needed to shell out 56 lbs of shelled corn - or 1 bushel.

Does the make sense?


check the end this post - be sure to look at the date of the article.

check the end this article

and in this article you can find the following:

"In pursuance the the activity of the plank of directors of the Cincinnati room of Commerce, top top the recommendation of the Grain investigate Cammittee, the typical weight the a bushel the ear corn has actually been adjusted from 70 to 68 pounds, come take effect on and after the first day the January"

It sounds like the traditional of "1 bushel" is no as standardized as I would have expected.

"So 1.25 cubic feet of ear corn weighs 72 lbs contrasted to 1.25 cubic feet that shelled corn weighing 56 lbs?"

No, that is no what i said..... Or least not what i intended to say.

What I stated is the 70.7 lb (or 72 lb) is the load of ear corn which will certainly equal 56 lb of shelled corn, which is taken into consideration 1 bushel of shelled corn.

I also said that 1.244 cu ft = 1 bushel, nomatter what product you room trying tofit into that room of 1.244 cu ft.

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Intuitively, you deserve to imagine the quantity of an are that would certainly be discovered in make the efforts to get ear corn right into 1.244 cu ft.

You need to go earlier and think in terms of lbs of corn harvested per acre, i beg your pardon is yes, really what friend sell. The only reason "bushels" comes right into play is due to the fact that in the USA we price corn based upon bushels, not lbs. If we would certainly pay price ~ above lbs, or tons, the term "bushels" would be a non-issue.