Guest write-up by Oksana Klimenko, a senior studying Finance. This critical summer Oksana participated in the Rome main point Abroad Program. She is a recipient of the GBC Scholarship. 



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We came. We saw. We loved.

As cliche together this speak is, it’s the just one the truly, and concisely, summarizes my time in the beautiful and also historic nation of Italy.

The country began to do its impression ~ above me the 2nd I left the airport. From historic ruins being in the randomest of locations to the method the cars drove ~ above the street come the means people speak to you, ns realized that this ar was going come be means different 보다 home. And also that’s what scared me at first. I was so offered to the lull of my very own home. To the lull of having family around. To the comfort of my own city. To the lull of familiarity. I have never to be away from residence by myself, yet alone for a long duration time. Together the are afraid of exactly how I would assimilate come this new culture set in on the ride indigenous the airport come the UW Rome Center, i made a conscious decision to no let anything gain in my means of fully enjoying mine experience.

Don’t acquire me wrong. Ns knew things weren’t always going to job-related out top top the first try. Ns knew acquiring the lay of the land would certainly be daunting at first. I just chose that i wouldn’t allow the daunting things hinder there. Upholding this decision wasn’t constantly easy, yet let me tell you: that was among the best decisions i made throughout my time aboard.


I remember the day us took a team trip to the Vatican. ~ spending at least six hrs roaming and also exploring the beautiful architecture, art, and also history, us were complimentary to break off from the group and also finish off the day how we wanted. Some civilization decided come spend more time within the city limits, rather went back to their apartments to take their afternoon nap, seeing together it to be time because that the day-to-day siesta. My team of seven chose that we had actually involuntarily fasted for method too long, therefore we started our hunt because that food, but an initial needed to avoid by someone’s place so they can get their wallet. The hunt for his location took end thirty minutes. . . The lived around 7 minutes from the Vatican. And so our hunt because that food commenced. After walking about for an additional thirty minutes, us remembered. It was siesta—a designated couple of hours in the work where civilization close increase shop and also go residence for having lunch and, that course, a nap.

We walk hungry because that a tiny while longer, till we uncovered what appeared to it is in the just restaurant open in the whole city that Rome. And also let me tell you, to my starved stomach, that was the ideal pizza I ever before tasted.

Walking v the heat and humidity of Rome, when starving, was obviously a major downer, however I promised myself i wouldn’t let anything permit me down or keep me from having the finest experience i could. Us were hungry—true. However during those 2 hours, I got closer to those six civilization that I ever thought i would. The was the start of several exceptional friendships that started by acquiring lost and also exploring the exterior city.

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I came. I saw. I loved.

If friend asked anybody that knew me because I was a child, they would certainly all tell girlfriend the one place I want to visit much more than anything to be Italy. I’ve seen pictures of the country and also read around its rich history and culture. Its beauty, beauty captivated me also from throughout the ocean. And let me phone call you, the reality surpassed expectation!