Oh, it"s a alcohol label! i was wondering that the heck Rex Goliath was and also waiting because that someone to article so I can figure that out. Guess I can have googled it, but I was simply going to wait, LOL. Mine BR cockerel is named Rex. No Goliath here, though.

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Made a decent marinade because that chicken which is what ns bought the for.http://www.rexgoliath.com/AboutRex/index.htmAt the turn of the 20th century, HRM (His royal Majesty) Rex Goliath to be the treasured attraction of a Texas circus. Civilization came from far and wide to behold the 47 lb. Bird, billed together the “World’s largest Rooster.” Our brand replicates the one-of-a-kind vintage artwork indigenous the circus banner the hung over Rex’s roost, and we proudly respect Rex v our premium varietal wines.No idea as to whether the bird yes, really existed or not. A quicky search only turned increase hits around the winery and also a band by the exact same name.

Cyn, ns hadn"t establish you had actually a Rex. I obtained the wine at the local Piggly Wiggly. The label has actually a pic that a substantial roo, that"s what captured my eye, of course! That, and the truth that it was on revenue at the time

Come come think of it, i do think I"ve seen that wine brand somewhere. Yes, Sally, mine young up and coming BR boy was named Rex ~ my late Uncle Rex. He"s simply 10 weeks therefore he"s not exactly BYC-famous yet, LOL.However, i am famous, apparently. Lock did speak to me "old", come which i object strenuously:
There is also a Speckled Hen quilt shop in Oregon, from which I have actually lapel pins and also a T-shirt, courtesy that eggchel and also terrielacy.
Sue them, then settle the instance for situations for life!The quilt shop thing- that"s practically eerie coincidence.

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Hey out there. What;"s the max ~ above a roos load anyhow? I visited a tiny county same today and also saw some humongous roosters! 20 pounds or more. (I know they would kill my small 4-5 lb hens.) placed two fingers together and also that is how vast their legs were. I supplied to laugh when people talked around being afaid that a rooster, not v these bubbas, be an extremely afaid!! everyone have any type of idea?
I had a black Jersey large rooster (just over a year old) the weighed 18 pounds. I m so sad he died suddenly and also unexplainably and we do miss him. He was rather sweet and good with his hens. Not sure about that 42 pound rooster...I supplied to obtain the RG Pink Moscato and also now ns can"t. Bummer, loved the flavor that wine.