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Tosee themoon in her dream represents part hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. The isoften connected with the feminine mystique and also intuition. Alternatively, themoon signifies your changing moods.If friend see two moons inyour dream, climate it suggests that you room being traction in 2 differentdirections. It additionally represents the extremes of two things. If friend see 5 moonsin your dream, climate it points to mass chaos or confusion developing in your life.It is additionally an indication the your intuition or instinct is very strong and thatyou must follow it.

To check out the eclipseof the moon in your dream signifies the your feminine side is beingovershadowed.Or it may mean that some hidden element of yourself is comingto the surface.

To watch thecrescent moon in her dream suggests cyclic changes, renewal, and movement. Youare proceeding smoothly toward your life path. A complete moon signifiescompletion andwholeness, when a brand-new moon symbolizes new beginnings.To dream that youjump and also touch the moon refers to your ambition. When it pertains to your objectives andaspirations, you aim high. You can do noþeles if you collection your mind to it.Dreaming the anasteroid access time the moon and also causes it to explode suggests that the craziness inyour life is gaining out that control. Girlfriend are offering in also much into yourimpulses.If you view a bloodmoon in her dream, climate it points come some difficulty or some kind of hardshipheaded your way. Alternatively, dreaming about a blood moon represents the endof a relationship, a situation or part issue.Moonbow

Tosee a moonbow in your dream is symbolic that a spirituality or emotional connectionwithin your personal relationship or spiritual beliefs.

Dreamingof an all white rainbow signifies heightened spirituality andpurity.


To dream the themoonlight symbolizes an emotional breakthrough. The dream is giving you reassurance that you areheaded ~ above the appropriate track in her dark times.


To see or wearmoonstone in your dream symbolizes wealth, prosperity and luck.


To dream the youare moonwalking shows that other or who is holding girlfriend back, however youhave yet to establish it. You are being prevent from moving forward and pursuingyour goals. Alternatively, dreaming the you room doing the moonwalk suggeststhat you need to ago off that a struggle or situation.


To dream that youare in a moor indicates that you room feeling overwhelmed through the negativityaround you. Others space dragging girlfriend down. Alternatively, the dream might be a punon "more". Is over there something in her life wherein you are in need ofmore?


To check out a moose inyour dream represents long life and also longevity. It may refer to the elders aroundyou. Alternatively, a moose suggests that you can be both an effective and gentle.You exert your power only as soon as it is necessary.


Todream thatyou are mopping says that friend are prepared to let go something. It is time torelease her emotions and also express that in a productive way.

To check out a mop inyour dream symbolizes domesticity and the monotony that your everyday routine.Perhaps girlfriend are trying to find a little an ext variety or excitement.Alternatively, the dream expresses your desires to want points to be neat andclean. Girlfriend realize the it takes work-related to maintain and also keep a family together.


Todream thatyou are in a morgue describes some shocking and dreadful news the you are aboutto receive. Alternatively, the dream way that you are ready to put the previous torest.


To dream that itis morning suggests that fortune and also pleasure space within close to reach. It alsodenotes new beginnings, renewal, an awakening or starting over.Alternatively, the dream may additionally be a pun ~ above "mourning". Room yougrieving end something or someone? In particular, if the morning is cloudy,then that signifies crucial situation that will certainly burden you because that a while.


To view a morningglory in your dream symbolizes a bright, fresh start to your day. The is a newday and a new beginning.


Toseemorocco in her dream says that assist will come from someone whom you leastexpect.


Todream what or someone is morose describes your pessimistic view the the human being aroundyou. You constantly discover things going wrong. Alternatively, the dream indicatesunpleasant situations and disagreeable companions.


Todream what or who is morphing into an additional person suggests that you require toincorporate elements of this other human being into your own character. You are inneed the a major change in your life. Alternatively, you need to find out to seethings from who else"s perspective and expand your awareness.

To dream the youare morphing right into an pet suggests the you must express you yourself morefreely and without restraint.

To dream thatsomething is morphing right into something else the morphs into something elserepresents your indecision or her ever an altering attitudes toward some situationor issue. It also means that you are looking at something from a new angle ordifferent perspective. Think about the meaning of each morphed object.


Todream thatyou space taking morphine represents your disconnection native reality. Girlfriend areexperiencing some painful issues that friend refuse to confront.


To use or hearMorse code in her dream says that you room lacking communication skills. Youneed to express your feelings and emote. Alternatively, the dream indicates thatyou need to be much more direct part matter.Get come the point.


Tosee orwear a mortarboard in her dream represents education and also learning. That alsorefers to your achievements. Maybe there is a lesson that you should learn.


Todream thatyou hold a mortgage indicates that you space maximizing your energies and also puttingit toward worthwhile pursuits. If you room worried about your mortgage in waking,then the dream might highlight your financial concerns.


Todream thatyou are feeling mortified says that you space feeling anxious around someevent or task in her waking life. Such desires are frequently blown out ofproportion.


To view or dreamthat you room in a mortuary argues that you room hindering your own self-growthby not making use of your abilities and talents. Alternatively, it representsaspects the yourself that you should discard and also get to escape of.


To view a mosaic inyour dream represents the various aspects and also components that comprise life as awhole. You need to consider things native a wider perspective. Things might lookinsignificant and meaningless up close, but you must stand earlier and considerthe overall picture.


To watch Moses inyour dream signifies an individual gains and also self gratification.The difficulttimes will shortly be over.


To dream the youare moshing or in a mosh pit indicates that you are being slammed with responsibilities,deadlines or problems. Areas of her life are out the control.

To check out a mosh pitin her dream describes some uncontrollable energy.


To dream that youare in a mosque symbolizes her faith, an individual religious beliefs and thedivine. It also denotes a sense of community. If you are praying in a mosque,then it means doubt in the options that you are making. Friend arelooking for guidance and reassurance.


Toseemosquitoes in your dream suggest that some instance or someone has beendraining girlfriend of your energy and resources. Alternatively, mosquitoes indicatethat her resistance to assaults will it is in in vain.

To dream the youare death mosquitoes signify that friend will at some point overcome her obstacles.Happiness and fortune will be in your grasp.


Tosee mossgrowing in your dream indicates an extremely slow progression in some project orrelationship. You must be an ext patient.


To check out or live ina motel in her dream represents your potential to attain your goals. Girlfriend aregoing with a transitional phase.


Tosee a mothin her dream suggests that some unseen irritation may not surface ar until the istoo late. It is essential to pay attention to the young details and also not tooverlook certain things. Alternatively, the moth symbolizes her weaknesses,character flaws or fragileness.


To watch mothballsin your dream indicate that you room trying to repel some devastating forces orrid yourself of harmful behaviors. Alternatively, the dream describes somehidden capacity or latent expertise that you have to acknowledge or lug to thesurface.


Tosee yourmother in her dream represents the nurturing element of your own character.Mothers offer shelter, comfort, life, guidance and protection. Some people mayhave problems freeing themselves from your mothers and are therefore seeking theirown individuality and development.

To dream that youare having sex with your mother indicates that girlfriend are ending up being like her mother.No matter how tough you try to deny it, you feel her influence. The dream mayalso it is in a graphic way of just how you should incorporate few of her qualitieswithin your very own self.

To dream that youare having a conversation with your mother denotes a matter that has actually preoccupiedyour mind and also you space not sure exactly how to deal with it in her waking life. Itindicates unresolved problems that need to be cleared up with your mother.

To hear yourmother speak to you in her dream says that you have actually been negligent in yourduties and responsibilities. You are pursuing under the not correct path.

To dream that youare being told that your mom is dead method that you space feeling neglected.You feel the your mom or some motherly figure in her waking life is notbeing responsive to your needs. She is no showing enough compassion or otheremotions.

If you room not amother in her waking life, yet dream that you space a mother, climate the dream is ametaphor that you should show an ext of her nurturing and also caring nature. Youneed to be much more compassionate. Probably you room coming throughout as as well indifferent.

Dreaming aboutyour friend"s mommy symbolizes your idealistic notions the what a mother shouldbe. Much more directly, her friend"s mother might be a motherly figure for you.Perhaps she readily available you advice or comfort in your time that need.


To see amotherboard in her dream describes the steps and also processes that need to becompleted in stimulate to create a wanted outcome. Some task that friend areworking on calls for cohesive action. Alternatively, a motherboard is symbolic ofsomething in her life that is keeping everything or everyone together.


Tosee yourmother-in-law in your dream means that over there is part unresolved problem or innerturmoil that you should work through. Her waking connection with yourmother-in-law will prevail in this interpretation.

MotherOf Pearl

To view or wearmother that pearl in your dream symbolizes renewal, birth and fertility.Alternatively,the dream is informing you to be an ext focused top top your jobs or goals.


To seeMother Teresa in your dream argues that you should show an ext sympathy,compassion and also kindness.


To dream that youlive in a motor home suggests that you need to move on through regards to someaspect of your life. You room dwelling too lot on a situation; that is time tomove forward. Alternatively, the motor home expresses her desire to be moreindependent and also self-sufficient.


To view or dreamthat you space in a motorboat or speedboat argues that you carry out not prefer to dwellon her emotions. Friend move conveniently from one case or connection toanother.

Dreaming the youare being pulled by a motorboat means that your are not holding yourselfaccountable for exactly how you space acting or feeling. You are letting circumstancesdictate your emotions. You should think through your actions before youact.


To dream that youare city hall a motorcade suggests that you room distracted from going after ~ yourown goals. You room too too many concerned about what others are thinking anddoing.

Dreaming that youare part of a motorcade highlights your importance in part decision. You arepart the a team. Alternatively, gift in a motorcade says that you are goingwith the masses and also doing what anyone else desires you come do.


To watch or journey amotorcycle in your dream symbolizes your desire for freedom and also need foradventure. You may be trying to escape native some situation or part otherresponsibility in your waking life. Alternatively, a motorcycle is symbolic ofraw sexuality. Perhaps you are moving too fast.

To watch or it is in in a motorcyclechase in her dream means that girlfriend are avoiding your responsibilities.


To check out amotorcycle club in her dream points to a situation where you feeling outnumberedor a case that is play on your fears.

Dreaming that youare in a motorcycle club suggests that you have the attitude of being over thelaw.The dream highlights theprimitive, unruly element of yourself.


To seeMount Fuji in your dream to represent an aspect of your life that might bedeceivingly calm. That is a place where heaven and earth and fire comes together.Consider an aspect of her life where you space struggling v your spirituality,your practicality and your passions.


To check out Mount Olympusin her dream suggests that you will get over your present struggles.Alternatively, the dream refers to your spirituality connection.


Tosee amountain lion in her dream to represent lurking danger, aggression and rawemotions. You should keep your attitude and emotions in check.Alternatively, the mountain lion symbolizes pride and also grace.


To check out a mountainin your dream signifies some significant obstacle and/or challenge that you have toovercome. If you space on peak of the mountain, then it suggests that girlfriend haveachieved and also realized your goals. You have recognized your complete potential.Alternatively, mountains represent a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, andspiritual truth.

To dream the youare climb a hill signifies your determination and also ambition.

To dream the youfall turn off a hill refers to your rush to success without extensively thinkingabout your path to success. Probably you space being thrust upward into a directionthat you do not want to walk or that you are not ready for. Falling off a mountainalso means that you have actually a propensity to give up too conveniently or escape fromdemanding situations. You take the easy method out.

To dream the youare going roughly a mountain implies that you are tackling some obstacle in aroundabout manner. You are taking an indirect approach. Alternatively, dreamingof going roughly the mountain method that you room pacing yourself. You recognize yourlimitations.

Dreaming the amountain consisted of of rocks represents her stamina.


To dream that youare in mourning describes your i can not qualify to let walk of the past. You require toclear those old experiences and also make means for the new. Alternatively, the dreammay typical the contrary and shows how you room able to let walk of the past andaccept the loss.

Tosee othersor dream the you room wearing mourning symbolizes grief, negative luck, andunhappiness. Alternatively, the dream signifies a disturbing affect or somemisunderstanding within her social circle.


Tosee amouse in your dream shows fear, meekness, insignificance and also a lack ofassertiveness. You are experiencing feel of inadequacy and fears that youare no measuring up. The dream might be informing you the you room spending toomuch time hiding in the shadows of someone else. Alternatively, a mousesymbolizes boy irritations and annoyances. Maybe you are letting pettyproblems or insignificant worries eat away at you. The dream may additionally be a pun ona computer system mouse and your link to occupational or to the digital world.

To see a deadmouse in your dream implies that you space not letting minor concerns bother you.You room not letting your very own fears gain in the means of what friend want.Alternatively, a dead mouse shows that there is something that you haveignored or neglected for as well long.

To dreamthat you death or trap a mouse argues that others space making a huge deal the end ofcertain minor concerns in her life.

To dreamthat you or someone is eat a mouse shows that over there is other naggingat her conscience. You require to gain it off your chest.

To dreamthat a mouse is being chased says that you are not stand up for yourself.You are letting others press you around.

*Please AlsoSee Mice.


To see a mousehole in her dream to represent a hidden facet of yourself that you are unwillingto identify or confront. Also though you know that that is unhealthy come avoidthis issue, you continue to execute so. The worry will only acquire out the hand if you donot deal with it.

Mouse Trap

Tosee amouse trap in her dream argues that you should be more cautious. It is in leery ofpeople who desire to assist you. Alternatively, a mouse trap symbolizes ingenuity,insight, and creativity. You should look in ~ a much better way of act something.

To dream the youare setup a mouse trap suggests that you will outwit her opponents.

To dream that youcatch a computer mouse in a computer mouse trap says that you are being taken benefit of.


Tosee a mouth in her dream signifies your need to express you yourself or speak aboutan issue that"s bothering you.Alternatively, the dream suggeststhat you have said also much and you must keep your mouth shut.

In particular, todream that you have actually dry mouth implies that you are at a lost for words. Friend arehaving a trouble expressing your feelings. Alternatively, the dream may bea physical truth that you room really thirsty.

To dream the youor someone is extending your mouth method that you room being prevented indigenous fullyexpressing yourself. It likewise indicates that you talk as well much and also need come knowwhen to store quiet. If you space covering someone"s mouth, climate it implies fear ofbeing exposed. Or perhaps you space afraid the hearing part truth.

To dream the youare talking through your mouth full implies the you are unable come express yourselfeffectively. What is inside your mouth is a an allegory for something that you are tryingto procedure or digest.

To dream that youcannot open up your mouth argues that you room speechless over some news.Alternatively, the dream describes a mystery that you should keep. Her inabilityto open your mouth in her dream is likewise a variation of REM paralysis and maypoint to feeling helpless in a situation. No matter how hard you try, friend justcan"t. If girlfriend dream the you cannot close her mouth, climate it way that thereis something the you can no longer keep inside and have come express.

To dream thatsomeone access time you ~ above the mouth indicates that you room prevented fromexpressing your anger and also other negative emotions. Who is additionally forcing theirviews and also beliefs on you. If you actually feel pains in your mouth once you wakeup, then the "pain" might be together a result of your jaw tensing increase duringyour dream.

To dream thatthere is blood roughly your mouth to represent the after-effects of your words. Youmay also be emotion guilt end something friend said.


To see oruse mouthwash in your dream shows that you have to literally wash your mouthas a result of something girlfriend said. You need to think first before sayingsomething you can regret.


To seenormal activity in your dream represents your capability to cope through varioussituations. You space able to adapt to the transforming environments that you findyourself in.

To seequick, smooth motion in your dream to represent self-acceptance or your quickwit. You space able come express your feelings with ease. Alternatively, the dreammay be a metaphor telling you the you require to gain a move on things.

To seeslow, daunting movement in her dream indicates a fear of failure. Other isholding you ago and avoiding you to take it chances.


To see movers inyour dream indicates that the is time for your to relocate on from a situation. Youneed to find out to permit go and also look toward what is ahead because that you.


To dreamthat you room watching a movie says that you are watching life pass you by.Perhaps you room living vicariously through the plot of others. Consideralso how the movie parallels to instances in her waking life. Observe just how thecharacters relate to you and how they may represent an element of yourself.

To dreamthat you are playing a function in the movie foretells that something from your subconsciousis around to arise or be revealed. The may additionally representmemories of images from her past. Alternatively, the dream might be pointing youtoward a new role that you could be undertaking. Your subconscious ispsychologically prepare you because that this new role.

To dream the themovie screen is blank says that you are trying to distance yourself fromsome concern or emotion. Or you room feeling to exclude, from some situation.Alternatively, the empty screen symbolizes a lack of accomplishments. You feethat you have nothing come look ago on.

If you have adream whereby you are part of an currently movie scene, climate it indicates that a lifesituation is playing out an in similar way to the movie scene. Friend feel connected to thescene. Think about what you space feeling as soon as you clock the scene; it is thisfeeling that you are doing not have or trying to recreate in her waking life.More directly, the dream may just mean the the movie is on your mind a lot orthat you have watching too numerous times.


Tosee or usage a movie clapper in your dream symbolizes your quest for reputation andglamour. Alternatively, the dream describes the plenty of chances and opportunitiesthat you come throughout in life.


To dream the you areon a movie set implies that a instance in her waking life is not what itappears come be. Perhaps you room being mislead. Alternatively, the dream suggeststhat girlfriend or who is trying come manipulate reality.


To dreamthat you space in a movie theater indicates that you are attempting come protectyourself from your emotions and/or actions. Viewing them on a movie screenprojects them onto an additional person and also thus makes those feelings and also actions seemmore distant. Your subconscious is trying to safeguard you from enduring themdirectly.


To dream that youor someone is moving in or the end of a ar signifies your desire or need for change. That may also mean anend to a case or relationship; friend are moving on. Alternatively, itindicates her determination and issues regarding dependence/independence.

To dream the youare helping someone move indicates that you room afraid that change. You space notquite all set to confront some brand-new situation through yourself. Alternatively, come helpsomeone move means acceptance of some new change, even though you might notagree with it.

To dream that yourex is moving in through you indicates that you space still hold onto part aspectof the relationship. You have not fully let go.


To dream the youare mowing the lawn says that friend to require make some major reevaluations ofyour goals and also life path.

In particular, todream the you space mowing a football ar refers to your desire to make a freshnew start in some competitive area. Perhaps you have been overly competitive orpassionate and need to tone it down. If flower heads were spitting the end of thelawn mower, then it way that you need to display your softer side.


To dreamthat you room watching MTV argues that you room watching too lot MTV. The iseffecting her thinking and also clouding her judgment. Take into consideration what show you arewatching and how that parallels a certain aspect of her waking life.


To view or coughmucus in her dream to represent cleansing and also releasing of suppressed thoughts.You feeling you room able come express yourself. Alternatively, the dream means thatsomething or someone is do the efforts to hold you back.


Tosee dirt inyour dream suggests that you are affiliated in a messy and sticky situation. Italso suggests that part spiritual cleansing is needed.

To dream that youare go in mud suggests that you space feeling weighed down by a situation,problem, or relationship. You are feeling frustrated.

To dream the mudhas gotten on her clothing method that her reputation is being attacked andcalled into question. Consider the ax "mud-slinging" come refer tosome politicians.


To see mud flapsin her dream method that you need to shield rather from your drive and also ambition.Your ambition tends to draw human being away indigenous you.


Todream thatyou are wearing a muff signifies a solid foundation of fortune. Alternatively,it mirrors your tendency to perform things at the spur the the moment withoutthinking it through.


To dream that youare baking muffins stand for your difficult work and your devotion to your work.You will gain the fruit of her labor.

To check out or eat amuffin in her dream signifies her taste for exquisite and also expensive points inlife. Together a term of endearment, the dream may likewise refer to her loved one.


To watch oruse a mug in your dream representslove nurturance and also the womb. The mug additionally signifies rejuvenation and healing.Alternatively,it indicates a transcendence right into a realm of greater consciousness. The mug mayalso be a pun top top your challenge or that you are "mugging" because that attention.

To view or use aninsulated mug in your dream says that you room trying to keep a certainfeeling or expect alive. You want to save an idea "hot" or a task ontrack. Negatively, the dream method that you may be trying to organize onto somethingtoo long and also it might be time come let go.


To dreamthat you have been mugged says that you space suffering from an identitycrisis. Perhaps you have done other or gift asked to carry out something that isout the character. Alternatively, the dream represents her fears that losingsomething that is essential to you. The mug may alsobe a pun top top your confront or the you space "mugging" for attention.


Tosee ordream the you room taking a mugshot suggests that you require to confront up to yourresponsibilities and acknowledge the failure you have actually made.


Tosee or eatmulberries in her dream show that an unforeseen obstacle is leading to a majorsetback toward your goals.

To view a mulberrytree in your dream represents defense from some an unfavorable force in her wakinglife. It additionally signifies sensuality.


To watch or lay outmulch in her dream indicates that friend are placing up some kind ofprotective great or emotionally barrier.


Toseea mule in your dream represents her stubbornness and also unyielding personality.You space overbearing, rebellious and unwilling to cooperate through others.Alternatively, the mule likewise symbolizes menial work and also suffering. You might befeeling overburdened or stressed. If the mule is dead, then it denotes that yourparty hearty perspective will result in unrestrained immorality.

Todream that you are riding a mule denotes the you are undertakingresponsibilities that will offer you a lot of anxiety.

Todream that you room kicked by a mule refers to the anxiety and fear the you areexperiencing, together a result of part guilt or wrongdoing.


Tosee amummy in her dream suggests that you room feeling trapped in a situation.You feel that you space not gift heard.


To dream that youhave the mumps suggest that you are unable to communicate your suggest across.Your voice is not being heard. Alternatively, it suggests pent up frustrationand anger.


To dream that youhave cursed a murder suggests that friend are placing an finish to an old habitand a former means of thinking. This could likewise refer to an finish to an addiction.Alternatively,the dream indicates that you have actually some repressed aggressionor fury at you yourself or in ~ someone. Note likewise that desires of killing occurfrequently throughout periods of depression.

To dream the youwitness a murder suggests deep-seated anger in the direction of somebody. Think about how thevictim represents facets of yourself that you desire to destroy or eliminate.

To dream that youare murdered says that some essential and far-reaching relationship has beensevered. You are trying come disconnect you yourself from your emotions. The dream mayalso be around your unused talents.

*Please alsosee KillingSee the definition In Action: "Premonitionof Murder"


To see muscles inyour dream symbolize power, strength, and flexibility. You need to develop thesequalities within you yourself in order to come to be a an ext stronger and confidentperson.


Tosee amuseum in your dream suggests that her non-traditional course to success willmake you stand the end from the rest. Sometimes you must take a risk.Alternatively, the museum represents your own personal history.You have the right to learn a lot of from your past and your heritage. Think about what youhave obtained from these experiences and also apply them to your existing circumstances.

To dreamthat you are in a museumrepresents the things you value in life.Objectsin the museum symbolizes memories and talents. If girlfriend dream that being lost in amuseum suggests that you space trapped in the past.


To see mushroomsin her dream signify unhealthy pleasures and also unwise decisions in her wakinglife. Things that come too quickly have a propensity to disappear simply as quick.Learn to appreciate the things you have. Alternatively, mushroom symbolizegrowth regardless of going v some hardship and daunting period.

To dream the youare eating mushrooms stand for your leadership ability. You host a lot ofstrength and power.

To dream that youare choose or collecting wild mushroomsrefers come a perhaps harmfulsituation or relationship. You may be to express doubt in some new endeavor,relationship or situation.

To dream thatmushrooms room growing and multiplying in her mouth ad to negative emotionsthat are literally growing and expanding in her subconscious. Youtend to store your feel inside and need tofind a productive way to to express them before it grows out of control.


To listen harmoniousand reassuring music in your dream signifies prosperity and also pleasure. Friend areexpressing her emotions in a hopeful way. Music serves to heal the soul.

To listen discordantor the end of tune music in her dream signifies unhappiness, lack of harmony,and problem in your partnership or domestic life.

Specific genres ofmusic are an individual to every dreamer. Because that someone who loves country music andhears nation music in their dream, the interpretation will certainly be various forsomeone who hates country music. If the genre the music is something friend like,then the music is providing you some advice. If the genre that music friend hear inyour dream is something friend hate, climate it way that you space refusing orrejecting some advice.


To view oropen a music box in your dream represents the things that you treasure and holddear to your heart. Think about the melody that the music box and what is inside themusic box. If the music box is broken, climate it way that you room experiencingsome heartache.

To hear amusic crate in her dream suggests a past memory.


To seemusical notes in her dream stand for harmony or disharmony in your waking life,depending on whether the musical keep in mind was a sharp keep in mind or level note. The dreammay additionally be a pun top top a note or blog post from her subconscious.


To watcha music video in her dream suggests that you need to interject much more excitementand thrill right into your life. The dream might serve together a soundtrack of your wakinglife. Take into consideration the music and also imagery that the video and just how it parallels yourwaking life.

To dreamthat you are making or you room in a music video suggests that you need to bemore expressive and also imaginative. Consider the kind of video you are in.


To dream that youare city hall a musical suggests that you need to be cautious not to gain carriedaway by her emotions.


To dreamthat you space playing musical chairs signifies instability in part area that yourlife. You room feeling uneasy about your place or about some decision youmade.


To watch musicalinstruments in your dream suggest the expectation the fun and also pleasures. Friend arefocused on enjoying life and also all the it has to offer. The dream also representsyour talents and your capacity to communicate with others. Particular musicalinstruments space symbolic of sexual organs and also thus allude to her sexuality.Ifyou play a musical instrument in her waking life, then the dream might serve as arehearsal to boost your technique.


If you are not amusician in your waking life, however dream that you room one, then it means thatyou have to be much more expressive about your feelings.

To check out a deadmusician in your dream suggests that you room no much longer able to express yourselfin the same means as girlfriend did in the past.


To smell musk inyour dream denotes the you will discover joy in cases where you least expectit.


To watch a muskox inyour dream describes a calm attitude. Girlfriend don"t allow trivial points bother youand often tend to go with the flow. You are able to manage whatever concerns or problemsthat come your way.


To see mussels inyour dream show that you are closingyourself off and isolating you yourself from others. Ask you yourself why girlfriend areshutting rather out. The dream may likewise be a pun top top "muscles".


To dream the youhave a mustache when you don"t really have actually one signifies that you space hiding anaspect the yourself. You are placing on a disguise or mirroring a different aspectof your personality. If you space a womanand dream the you have actually a mustache, then it suggests that you room expressingyour power through your words and your linguistic expression.If friend dream what or someone is attract a fake mustache, then it suggests that you room tryingto draw attention far from a minor issue or problem.

To dream the youshave off your mustache denotes that you room revealing your true self. Friend nolonger need to hide under part disguise or some shield. Alternatively, the dreammeans that you room trying to reestablish your reputation, by renouncing yourprevious activities.

Dreaming thateveryone has actually a mustache suggests that you are suspicious or untrusting ofothers.


To view a mustangin your dream to represent aggression, wildness, lust and also untamed sexuality.


Todreamthat you space a mutant to represent undeveloped elements of yourself that you areignoring or refusing come confront. Alternatively, come dream that you are mutantmeans the you need to look at things from a different perspective. There issomething in your life that you require to substantially change.

Tosee a mutant in her dream suggests your fears of things that room different.The dream is trying come teach you to be an ext open and tolerant of things that youmay not be supplied to.


To see mustardgrowing in her dream signifies success and also wealth.

To dream the youare eat mustard seeds indicates regret over your hasty decisions.


To dream the youare mute suggests that you are afraid to say miscellaneous for fear of beingcriticized or judged. There may additionally be a case in her waking life the hasleft friend speechless.


To dream that youare being mutilated shows that over there is a waking situation that you need tobe careful about. You might be putting yourself in some kind of danger, eitherphysical or mental. If you room mutilating yourself, climate it way that you areseeking attention. You room expressing a desperate cry because that help. Or you aretrying to disconnect you yourself from the unbearable ache you are experiencing inan element of her life.

To dreamthat someone or something is mutilated indicates that your integrity is placed intoquestion.


To see or use amuzzle in her dream argues that you have to show much better restraint in holdingback your anger. Alternatively, the dream shows that you feel you are unableto totally express yourself.


Tosee myrrhin your dream signifies penalty or suffering. You room undergoing a difficultand turoulend time.


Tosee amyrtle in your dream symbolizes happiness, peace, prosperity or domestic bliss.

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Toread orwatch a secret in her dream shows that you need to be on the lookout forsomething the is out of location or out of the ordinary. Other is not what itappears come be. Be careful in her dealings.