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UGGG, my automobile is law this again this winter. Everytime that is under 50 levels in the garage, as soon as I begin it up for the an initial time that day, the red coolant irradiate starts flashing and buzzing however goes turn off after I begin driving. I have taken that in last year however they asserted there to be nothing wrong. Also a pair of times the heater blows chillier air once I to be idling however warms up as soon as I begin driving again, might those things be related?
Mine walk the exact same thing, however I haven"t taken that in come the dealer yet. That starts the end flashing red and beeping and also as quickly as i leave my driveway it stop beeping and changes to a blue light. Then once it warms up, the temperature light goes out.

I"m no experienced on the 2.5 gasser, but as a general preeminence of thumb:Flashing red lights with a buzzer median don"t drive the car.Take it come the dealership, and if they say nothing"s wrong, ask them to check the water pump (both that you should still be under warranty through 2006 Bugs, IIRC) because that wear.
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Mine does the exact same thing, but I haven"t taken it in come the dealer yet. It starts out flashing red and also beeping and also as soon as ns leave my driveway it stops beeping and also changes to a blue light. Then when it warms up, the temperature light goes out.
I currently explained this in her thread, I"ll copy and paste it listed below for shellbug."Helps to read your owner"s manual. Flashing red way low coolant level. What is continue is that once you start the cold engine, the level is low. Together you begin driving the coolant starts moving and also heating up, this causes it to come into call with the coolant level sensor which renders the flashing stop.Top off her coolant reservoir and also problem is solved. Small top-offs with just distilled water are OK. Yet if girlfriend live in a cold climate, that is best to top-off through coolant/distilled water mix to store the freeze security up.Use VW or Pentosin G12 or G12+ coolant only. No green, orange or any form of "global" coolant. Mix the 2 will result in a foamy/gummy/nasty chaos in her cooling system. Your dealer is the ideal place to purchase the exactly coolant. Coolant come water ratio have to be 70/30 (60/40 for G12+ ns believe) because that optimal freeze and also boil protection. As soon as in doubt...follow the bottle."Always read and understand the hands-on so you recognize what the car is trying come tell you.Blue coolant irradiate = engine coldFlashing blue coolant light = error in the coolant surveillance systemFlashing red coolant light = low on coolantSteady red coolant irradiate = engine overheating, traction over and also stop engine IMMEDIATELY and do not run till the trouble has been identified.

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