The visa number, additionally called a visa foil number, is a red number that is normally printed on the bottom ideal side of newer visa documents. In many cases, the U.S. Visa number includes eight numeric characters. In some cases, the number includes one letter adhered to by 7 numeric characters.

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Location of the Visa Number

Over time, the U.S. Department of State has readjusted the ar of the visa number. The examples listed below may assist you discover your number.




Most travelers need a visa and also passport to the joined States. Customs and Border Protection policemans at the harbor of entry will certainly collect your visa number to verify her authorization come enter. The number is temporary if you have a nonimmigrant visa (such as a B-2 visitor or F-1 college student visa). The visa number is long-term for immigrant vi (green cards).

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In addition to the number, U.S. Visas usually contain the adhering to information:

Issuing Port surname – typically the U.S. Embassy where the visa together issuedVisa Holder’s last nameVisa Holder’s first NameSex – shows the sex of the person as F (female) or M (male)Date the BirthNationalityPassport NumberVisa form – suggests the category of visaEntries – suggests the variety of times the visa might be used to get in the U.S. (S for solitary entry or M because that multiple entries)Issuing day – when the visa was issuedExpiration date – as soon as the visa expires and is no much longer valid for entryAnnotations – note left by the U.S. Embassy adjudicators

Immigrant Visa Number Availability

An immigrant visa number accessibility is a different concept all together. U.S. Immigrant law limits the number of immigrant vi (green cards) the are available each year. Therefore, over there is only a details amount of “immigrant visa numbers” each year. Also if USCIS authorize an I-130 petition, there may be several world waiting because that an immigrant visa number already. As a result, it could take number of years to get your immigrant visa number. Learn much more about family-based immigration and also how to review the visa bulletin to determine when your immigrant visa number is available.

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To acquire a family-based immigrant visa number, the U.S. Citizens or long-term resident family member must record Form I-130, Petition for extraterrestrial Relative.