Longman thesaurus of modern-day English Word meanings in Longman dictionary of modern English adjective instances FROM various other ENTRIES ▪ large brawny eight ▪ He had a soccer player"s physique: large head, special neck, brawny shoulders, and also heavy legs. ▪ The gardener"s assistant arrived -- a brawny youth who never ever said a word. Instances FROM corpus ▪ All...

The Collaborative worldwide Dictionary Word meanings in The cooperation International dictionary Brawny Brawn"y, a. Having large, solid muscles; muscular; fleshy; strong. ``Brawny limbs.'' --W. Irving. Syn: Muscular; fleshy; strong; bulky; sinewy; athletic; stalwart; powerful; robust.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary a. Characterized by brawn; muscular, thewy; strong.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper"s Etymology thesaurus 1590s, "characterized by muscle," from brawn + -y (2).

WordNet Word meanings in WordNet adj. (of a person) possessing physics strength and also weight; rugged and also powerful; "a hefty athlete"; "a muscular boxer"; "powerful arms"

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia Brawny might refer to: Brawny , a barony in the southwest of ar Westmeath , in the Republic of Ireland . Brawny, a brand of paper towels owned by Georgia-Pacific Brawny, NATO reporting name of the Ilyushin Il-40 aircraft Brawny, one of the seven giants...

consumption examples the brawny.

And forth of the dark opening in the wall strode Lobkyn Lollo the Dwarf, his great, spiked society on brawny shoulder.

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But, together she spoke, a black-jowled other laughed, And, spitting, tripped her with out-thrust pike-shaft, That under she fell and wailed most piteously, Whereat the brawny fellows laughed every three.

In brawny fist that grasped a pole or angle, through hook wherefrom sad worm did, writhing, dangle.

Then Lobkyn stooped the damaged stump to seize, Bowed brawny ago and v a wondrous ease Up by the root the rugged bole the tore and also tossed it far as it had actually been a straw.

Three brawny rogues who, scowling, fiercely eyed him, and also with lewd gibes and also mocking gestures plied him.

And fearful no longer, lock hasted to him and also clasped the in brawny arms, hugging him mightily and making great rejoicing end him.

Now, together this splendid knight rode nearer, contemptuous of his brawny captors, Robin stared to check out that ~ above his helmet the wore a wreath that flowers, if lance and sword, mace and battle-axe to be wreathed in bloomed roses.

Thus depend a hangman us did of late offer a hangman, in fair great halter, and he a hangman brawny, for no more than five gold pieces, the which to be cheap, methinks, considering the goodly halter, and also he a lusty, manly rogue come boot.

They to be soon involved in a stormy exchange i beg your pardon had finished abruptly when he slammed down his brawny fist and also dared she to speak further.

There to be no prize or other sign of life, and also the brawny man moved front a step.

With one thick, brawny hand, he snatched the security close till the two men stared sleep to nose.

His brawny hand lay firm ~ above his stout knee, and also it to be there Shanna put her own so the level gold band on her finger was ready to the eye.

He to be a short man, proper taller 보다 Shanna, but broad and with brawny arms and also shoulders.

The man he spoke through was one of the workmen, a brawny other with special arms.

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Ruark overheard, together he inched his method between the brawny chests of several tars who were imbibing close by.