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Born:October 14, 1978 (age 43)DallasTexas...(Show more)Founder:New look Foundation...(Show more)Awards and Honors:Grammy compensation (2012)Grammy compensation (2010)Grammy award (2004)Grammy award (2002)Grammy award (2001)...(Show more)

Usher, in full Usher terrycloth Raymond IV, (born October 14, 1978, Dallas, Texas, U.S.), American musician whose smooth vocals and also sensual ballads helped establish him as a rhythm-and-blues superstar in the late 1990s.

As a youngster in Chattanooga, Tennessee, water level sang in church choirs yet sought entry into the tendency music industry by start talent shows. At period 12 he moved with his mother and also brother to Atlanta, and also two years later on he secured a recording contract through LaFace Records. The album Usher was released in 1994, through the 15-year-old singer moving beyond his choirboy lift by proclaiming the “it’s just a sex-related thing” top top the slow-groove solitary “Can U get wit It.” The album was no a commercial success, and Usher spent the next few years working on a follow-up, My Way (1997), which significant him together a major R&B star. His singles “You make Me Wanna” and “Nice & Slow” became major R&B hits (the latter also topped Billboard’s all-genre singles chart), and also the show reached higher audiences with appearances on television mirrors (he had actually a recurring function on UPN’s Moesha series). In onstage performances, he confirmed prowess together a dancer that was as significant as his fluid singing voice.

Usher’s third studio album, 8701 (2001), additional cemented his reputation together a smooth, seductive, and also bankable artist. Music native 8701 provided Usher two number-one popular music hits, “U repeat Me” and “U got It Bad,” and also his an initial two Grammy Awards. On his 4th album, Confessions (2004), he expanded his range beyond ballads, collaborating most famously v Atlanta rappers Lil Jon and also Ludacris on the boisterous radio-dominating single “Yeah!” Confessions ultimately sold an ext than 10 million duplicates in the United claims alone and earned Usher 3 Grammy Awards—for best contemporary R&B album, ideal R&B performance by a duo or group (for “My Boo,” a duet through Alicia Keys), and also best rap/sung collaboration (for “Yeah!”).

Meanwhile, Usher ongoing to do appearances in miscellaneous television shows, consisting of the period drama American Dreams (2002) in the duty of Marvin Gaye. In 2005 that starred as a key jockey who protects a mobster’s daughter in the film In the Mix, though his acting, and the film together a whole, obtained unfavourable reviews. The complying with year he shown Billy Flynn in the long-running Broadway music Chicago.

After a four-year break, Usher went back to recording with Here ns Stand (2008), a soulful album that observed the brash lothario of 8701 and Confessions settle right into the routine of family members life. The follow-up album, Raymond v. Raymond (2010), ongoing to offer as a window into Usher’s exclusive life, yet it to be a dark have fun of Here i Stand, together it traced the fragmentation of his marriage. In 2011 Raymond v. Raymond won a Grammy for best modern R&B album, and also the single “There Goes my Baby” winner for finest male R&B performance. Two years later Usher choose up an additional Grammy, because that the artfully restrained single “Climax.” The tune was among the highlights the Looking 4 Myself (2012), an expansive album that uncovered him progressively influenced by electronic dance music. Usher’s eighth studio album, Hard II Love, to be released in 2016. “A” (2018) drew mixed reviews.

During this time Usher continued to act. He had recurring roles on miscellaneous television series, and also he showed up in such movies as Hands that Stone (2016), in which he illustrated Sugar ray Leonard, and also Burden (2018), based on a true story.

In enhancement to performing, Usher ended up being a component owner that the nationwide Basketball Association’s Cleveland Cavaliers in 2005. In 2013–14 he served as a coach top top the televised singing competition The Voice. His charity occupational included brand-new Look Foundation, an organization he developed to help educate youths native lower-class backgrounds about the business of entertain management. The company was additionally involved in the initiatives to rebuild brand-new Orleans ~ Hurricane Katrina (2005).

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