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I to be replacing a light switch and also found it has actually two warm wires. In reality it looked like this. 3 black color wires, one single and two together and pig tailed right into one. I seperated all of the wires and found the 2 wires the were pigtailed, one was warm one was not. The single wire was hot. What the
is the about???
It"s a warm feed that is powering something under line also. Possible outlet is choose up its power feed native here.
2 hot wires to light switchBut if a wire that is warm is linked to a wire that is not and also pigtailed to one screw on the switch and another warm wire is connected to the various other screw, what is the point of having actually the switch?

So what you are saying that the irradiate switch didn"t work before you took things apart...What is this switch meant to control?
On your light move you have actually 2 black wires pigtailed together and also connected to the bottom screw? utilizing a tester 1 is constant hot and also the various other is not which is the feeder down line. You have an additional black wire associated to the peak screw of the switch. You tested it and it is a consistent hot?

But if a wire the is warm is connected to a wire that is not and pigtailed to one screw on the switch and another warm wire is linked to the other screw, what is the suggest of having actually the switch?
The suggest is you have actually power comes in and also two strength going out. One strength is constantly on and the other power is regulated by the switch.
Light switch
There space 3 black wires in the switch box that is supposed to manage a irradiate fixture. With the move removed, wire # 1 is consistent hot. Wire # 2 is constant hot. Cable # 3 is no hot. Cable # 1 is connected to among the screws ~ above the switch. Wires # 2 & 3 to be wirenutted along with a short piece of wire together a pigtail and also the pigtail was associated to the various other screw ~ above the switch. I gues I"m confused due to the fact that this does no seem normal. :cursing:
I"m confused. This does not seem normal to me, either. I wonder if it is just one of those "phantom" strength cases, whereby some voltage testers can show a voltage that would go away if a load is a fill is applied. Just how did you determine that over there is a voltage? Non-contact probe?Are the two conductors (wires 1 and also 2) reflecting a voltage in the very same sheath? Is it possible that this is a move leg from the light fixture, through the fill (wire 1) choose up an induced voltage and also the actual it is provided (wire number 2) offering power to downstream tools (wire number 3) as well as the switch?
Light switch
I gotten rid of the switch and used a multi meter with contact probes. The black color probe, i touched to the Ground. The red probe i contacted come each black color wire. The black wire the is not hot, ns assumed would be it is provided to the fixture as soon as the switch was flipped however I can"t understand why it would be tied to a wire that is constant hot.
What about my question about wire grouping. Space wires 1 and also 2 in the same sheath? based upon the posts of some of the pro electricians, I know that this "phantom" voltage can be seen even by some digital probe-type voltage testers. Exactly how much trouble is it to remove the irradiate fixture and inspect the wiring?
All three are in various sheaths. I removed the fixture and my next step is to ohm the cable that ns assume is the supply to the light, the non hot wire
Different sheaths! over there goes mine theory!Other than further investigation to identify where wires come and go (as you room planning), i am the end of ideas. Hopefully, this will administer a clue regarding your voltage on her load.

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What wasn"t working? What doesn"t work if you leaving all the blacks apart and power increase the circuit? What does job-related if connect all the blacks together and all the whites together?
Light switch
C"mon joed, what a dumb point to say. The wires were linked to the switch, the light was not working, i took the move apart to uncover out why. :detective:
The irradiate was not working, or the switch to be not controlling the light?Try going there is no the switch because that a try, check out if both hots are really hot, try one and also then the other.The only thing I can think the is that someone do the efforts to make it a 3 way. Is there a 2nd switch for the light? I can see someone placing hots to two switches, then joining them on the light next of the switches. This way, either switch flipped top top would rotate the light on, friend would just not have actually the ability to rotate it turn off from the other end. Thats the just thing I can think the that would make someone execute that.In the light itself, perform you only have actually one cable comes in, or is over there a second cable from the box?

C"mon joed, what a dumb point to say. The wires were linked to the switch, the irradiate was no working, i took the switch apart to discover out why. :detective:
You space obviously not a troubleshooter and you don"t know one of the most straightforward circuits that residential wiring. In your original posting all you claimed was you were changing a switch. To us, that could mean girlfriend didn"t choose the shade or the switch was physically broken. It wasn"t until short article 14 the you stated it didn"t work......So, you space troubleshooting some difficulty that has actually not worked for some time and maybe never operated for you. Switch circuits come in two an easy flavors: 1) power is in the light fixture and also there is a move leg that controls it. That method there is a hot and neutral at the light. 2) power is in the move box and there is a neutral and also a switched hot going come the light.You should tell us, since we cannot check out your setup, how your fixture is wired. What is at the fixture for wiring?