To resolve the equation, you should look in ~ the vocabulary that is current in the problem. I see the words: product, and, twice, and also number. Product immediately makes this expression a multiplication problem. And way that there is one addition portion to the expression. Twice would certainly be two times a number (there"s the multiplication part coming in!)

So allows start through what we know.

The product of 5 and twice a number

5 + 2 x

What we don"t understand is what the number is in the problem. Therefore what I prefer to do, is to leave the x to stand for the number. Together the unknown. For this reason our expression would be

5 + 2x

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What is the product of 5 and twice a number

1) very first we must understand what a product is. Product is the answer to a multiplication problem

2) So how you should start is multiplying together 5 and twice a number. Twice way 2 and a number is simply a variable. Us will call that variable x. 5twice a number ——-> 52x——-> 10x

The price is 10x

Have a great day!

Mrs. S.

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