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Hi! I have actually a 2000 Navigator, and the lights within (recessed former center and also sides), as well as the running board lights, will not revolve off. I tried opening and also closing every doors, and also there is no door ajar warning light appearing. I additionally turned off the car, and the headlight switch to no avail. You re welcome help! i live rurally and do not want my battery to die! thanks
i"m having the same problem (sorta) on my 03 nav,...the dash indicates the tailgate is ajar,(it is closed completely) and if i don"t turnoff my dimmer switch, all the welcome lights continue to be on when the vital is out...any guesses? bad tailgate switch?
Had the same trouble with mine 03 Expedition discovered that i had two door sensor move sticking as soon as it was cold, my advice is to take apart the door jam and also clean & reinstall " dont usage White Grease " it gums increase in the cold weather:driver:Happy Hoildays expect this helps
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