Whenever us spotlight fallen artists in this space, it’s almost always the exact same sad story – humble starts lead to a meteoric rise and also then nearly as quickly, the star falls. Then the artist scratches and also claws to stay relevant prior to ending up on the ago of a milk carton.

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Not so for R&B chanteuse Tracie Spencer. If you ask me, she had actually the perfect career path – she began out slow, climbed to the height of the R&B mountain, then bowed out prior to overstaying she welcome. Ns wish her colleagues would certainly follow her example. Watch just how it’s done.
A native of Waterloo, Iowa, Tracie began her grind nearly right of the womb. She began singing at age 3, competed in beauty, beauty pageants at period 5, and also was ~ above CBS’ Star search singing Whitney Houston song by the time her age hit dual digits. The performance led method to her an initial record address Capitol Records.

Who do little boys have crushes on this days? Grown, creepy women prefer Rihanna and also Icki Garbaj? No wonder the world is such a depressing, tight-pants-wearing mess. In mine day, all the guys were in love v Tracie, especially after she solo debut in 1988. Overlook the distracting and hideous ’80s fashions – “Symptoms the True Love” is just as fun now as when we to be playing v Ninja Turtles. And even though she to be barely a preteen, “Hide and also Seek” still ended up being a struggle on the “Quiet Storm” radio circuit. The album wasn’t a runaway hit, however it led the method for lot bigger things.

Tracie’s sophomore effort, do the Difference, to be released in 1990 and this is when, as among the old deacons in ~ my church offered to say, things began poppin’ favor popcorn. V lyrics like that, he might win a Grammy this days.
Anyway, upbeat an initial single “Save her Love” became her best hit in ~ the time, peaking in ~ No. 7 ~ above the R&B charts. Tracie (and her SUPER high-rise jeans) outdid herself through the 2nd single, “This House,” i beg your pardon not only peaked in ~ No. 7 on the R&B charts, however reached No. 3 top top the popular music charts.
As great as those songs were, it to be the follow-up “Tender Kisses” that ended up being Tracie’s signature track. The video is horribly cheesy however don’t hate – this to be THE CUT ago in 1991. That climbed come No. 1 top top the R&B charts.
(Please excuse the creepy heavy breathing in the background of the vid. I think someone appreciated that clip a little too much).
Add in “Love Me” and “This Time make It Funky”and friend can definitely call do the distinction a success.
This was additionally around the time my wifey, that was about 11 years old at the time, met Tracie in ~ a Birmingham hotel. The wifey told she grandmother “IT’S TRACIE SPENCER!” of course, granny was choose “WHO?” supposedly Tracie was extremely nice and also happy to speak to she young fans. The wifey additionally met Savion Glover the day. Ns guess it to be “meet every the young black color stars day” at arbitrarily Birmingham Hotel.
After the success of do the Difference, Tracie took an extended break in the mid-90s to go after modeling, including work forTommy Hilfiger, Chanel, and also Dollhouse and also participating in new York and Los Angeles fashion weeks.

By the time Tracie went back to music in 1999 v Tracie, R&B was beingengulfedby hip-hop. “It’s All around You (Not about Me)” wasn’t bad, it simply sounded lot too comparable to everything else in the era. But I guess that operated to Tracie’s benefit – it wound up gift a pretty solid R&B and also pop hit. I chosen the second single “Still In my Heart” much far better but that didn’t execute as well. However, Tracie still ended up being the highest-charting album of she career, reaching No. 19 on the R&B boards.
Tracie slowly moved far from the limelight in the 21st century, mostly doing lift vocals. Bet you didn’t understand she appeared on “Slow Jamz” and “Never allow Me Down” on Kanye West’s classic College Dropout album.
Should She Come Back?: Tough call. Ns think Tracie had perfect career arc – she came in, had actually some memorable hits and bowed out before destroying her legacy with mediocrity. It wouldn’t surprised me if Tracie still had actually some gas left in the tank. Because that now, I’m just happy reliving the wifey’s sixth-grade memory of Tracie’s glory days.

creep2nite209August 23, 2014 at 5:02 am

Are they any kind of fan pages or websites whereby we can interact with her? Is she on society media anywhere? We can definitely benefit from she presence, even if she to be backing one more artist. Command me to her, for she may be our music salvation native creepy civilization like Rihanna and also Beyonce. Ns sorely ill native both that them!

well, me feel that capitol treated she wrong, even though me think that she was grasp of her own destiny but it’s prefer that in this cold world – if girlfriend don’t offer your heart you need to remain humble. Big record labels largely do not recognize the capacity of world who lock sign. They simply sign them because that the hype they see. I just wish she would have recorded much more songs, prefer 5 albums or something.. Would have been really blessed.

Tracie You’re the world Champion,your voice really gives life,I neva ever before heaRd together a beautiful voice in my life…Tender Kisses,I heard in family Matters for d first time

She treated civilization in her home town like shit. She concerned the society one night v her human body guards all about her and also wouldn’t speak or nothing. Then about a year or two back her father pass away she was in the hospital with her confront covered up like she to be a still famous I wanted to tell her didn’t no one no she they were all as well young she walk all the hiding because that nothing. I certain didnt speak anthing too her.

still a fan,tevin campbell,stacie lattisaw,etc….do not understand why they geezer up human being like Fhianna fiene,stikki nikki (un attractive,Seyonce,etc….gr

Sitting right here reminiscing over days at Woodlawn high college in Birmingham and remembered Tracie Spencer coming to our college to perform. LOL…It probably was the exact same year your mam met her. The 1990’s to be the best years of mine teenage life once it came to music

I flourished up in Waterloo, and she is likewise one of the nicest world you could ever meet as well. I sang in high institution with her older brother and sister. Her brother is a an extremely successful producer as well.

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