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Hi,Before I execute something even an ext stupid 보다 usual, might someone short article a pic or diagram of where exactly the coolant drain plug/bolt is exactly? The owner"s manual has nothing, my chiltons offers a vague arrowhead location and I couldn"t find anything currently posted in this forum.Thanks,DaveI have actually a 99 Tacoma 4wd stick w/ the 4cyl 2.7L engine.
The main drainpipe plug have to be ~ above the bottom rear edge that the radiator, close come the reduced passenger side corner of the radiator.The FSM shows an additional drain plug supposedly top-center top top the frontmost part of the engine (block?). Uneven this is a bizarre method to portraying something down below, I"m guessing it"s actually an ext of a vent plug to help the circulation coming out of the radiator drainpipe plug.
i dont usage this
to prevent woring around over tightening the plug or even looking for it i just unhook the radiator hose on the bottom the the radiator. Also doing this some people say the if you have a tough time through the hose since you might damage the radiator, i just disconect the hose from the bottom the the motor.where the hose operation from the radiator come the motor.after every the liquid drians i simply slide the hose back on.
every toyota has actually a drain on the radiator and also a drainpipe on the block. Once the engine is cold and also the thermostat closed, as soon as you drainpipe the radiator every one of the coolant stays in the block so there is a drain for that too. However, if you drain it with the engine still heat the thermostat will certainly still it is in open enabling virtually every one of the coolant in the device to be drained.

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A wise Toyota grasp Mechanic proved me a freakin amazing and an extremely technical means to drain the block. Ready??1. Eliminate the lower radiator hose.2. Eliminate both front tires valve stems.3. Automobile will tilt forward sufficient to obtain most that coolant the end of block.4. Reverse order.
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