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Genre: Adventure, interaction Movie Developer: Avalanche Publisher: Disney interaction ESRB Rating: Everyone relax Date: June 15, 2010

This might be very strange, yet you deserve to see the linking of areas in toy box mode. (fair warning: if girlfriend haven"t bought nearly everything in the toy box, you can not have the ability to do this. ) you need to grab a ghost through your ghost wand and throw the ghost in the pen close to Stinky Pete. Then, you have to summon your dragon from the toy barn, (this wont work-related with bulls eye. ) Second, walk grab the environment-friendly goo. Litter it on her dragon. Finally, placed your dragon in the pen, (don"t placed it all over else, or this might not work, ) and take the end the ghost wand, and throw the ghost top top the dragon. Then go to the biggest structure in your town. Friend should be able to walk through it. Then, you must mess about with the structure a few times, (flame and jump and flap your wings, normally works for me. ) You recognize it works as soon as you check out yourself falling with the bottom of the ground. If you view a big gray box, keep on flapping her wings. As soon as you space officially in the gray box, look around. You need to see every kinds of brown points that look prefer the areas. That means you"ve done it. If you desire to watch the fine link, you need to flap her wings come the side that has actually a half rendered building, and also flap previous it. Thats the well. Then, you"ll it is in sent ago to the top, as soon as you fall to your death.

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First you gain over 100 Al"s Toy Tokens. Walk to Al"s Toy Barn. Go for the egg machine. Keep spending `till you get a coin things (you should gain more).

First, you require a second player for this glitch. One player goes come the customization stand. Once the first player presses the square button and also right before the two bars come down the second player (with car) rams into the an initial player. You will get hit out of her car. To obtain the second player out, is come charge right into their auto (without car). You should now be able to walk freely approximately the park.