Terms and Definitions

Microscope: a machine for magnifying objects that room too small to it is in seen v the naked eye.

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simple microscope: solitary lens magnifier link microscope: employs two or more lenses

Parfocal: the objective lenses are an installed on the microscope so that they have the right to be interchanged without having to appreciably vary the focus.

Resolving power or resolution: the ability to distinguish objects that are close together. The much better the solving power the the microscope, the closer with each other two objects have the right to be and also still be seen as separate.

Magnification: the process of enlarging the size of an object, together an optical image.

Total magnification: In a compound microscope the complete magnification is the product the the objective and ocular lenses (see number below). The magnification that the ocular lenses on your scope is 10X.

objective lens X Ocular lens = Total magnification For example: low power: (10X)(10X) = 100X high dry: (40X)(10X) = 400X oil immersion: (100X)(10X) = 1000X

Immersion Oil: Clear, finely detailed images are achieved by difference the specimen through their medium. An altering the refractive index of the specimens native their medium attains this contrast. The refractive index is a measure of the loved one velocity in ~ which irradiate passes through a material. Once light light ray pass v the two products (specimen and also medium) the have various refractive indices, the rays readjust direction indigenous a straight course by bending (refracting) in ~ the boundary between the specimen and the medium. Thus, this boosts the image’s contrast in between the specimen and the medium.

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One way to readjust the refractive table of contents is through staining the specimen. One more is to usage immersion oil. When we want light come refract differently between the specimen and also the medium, we carry out not desire to lose any type of light rays, together this would decrease the resolution that the image. By put immersion oil between the glass slide and also the oil immersion lens (100X), the light rays at the greatest magnification deserve to be retained. Immersion oil has actually the same refractive index as glass for this reason the oil becomes component of the optics that the microscope. Without the oil the light rays room refracted as they enter the air between the slide and the lens and also the objective lens would have to be increased in diameter in order to record them. Utilizing oil has actually the same impact as boosting the objective diameter as such improving the resolving power that the lens.

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