I challenge you to love me. The is quite the statement, right? over there is power to it. For some factor the various other day I chose to find the an interpretation of flowers. Once I review what the tiger lily represents, ns was impressed. Occasionally in life friend are just straight up impressed by how perfect something have the right to piece together. Something will certainly stand out and also hit you, and make you prevent to consider. It"s a wow moment. Something that just happens to make sense and you recognize it is ideal for you. You understand that there was power in the thought and also you were expected to hear it and dwell top top it. Because that as lengthy as I can remember the tiger lily has served as my favorite flower. Ive constantly had one appreciation for its dauntless and totally unique beauty. That is bold and also stands the end from every various other flower. The produces big fiery orange petals that are saturated in a rather distinctive style of dark spots. Its an extremely characteristics can be thought about blemished or an unbecoming harsh style. Yet, it stands solid with what shows up unwavering confidence. A tiger lily is also referred to together a ditch lily for they are commonly found braving the unpleasant ditches and decorating the icky roadsides with their presence. They hit their method through a imperfect scenario and also still stand strong and echo a beautiful courage. Perhaps I excellent that quality in them. They stand there bearing their entire soul to the world. Unashamed. I dare you come love me. Love what renders me, me. I stand here, unashamed of who I am. This is it. This is what girlfriend get. Love that or not, I"ll still be standing right here as me. Ns don"t cower in fear and also attempt to cover the distinctive facets of my stripped soul. Ns don"t want you to only want the ideal side that me. Ns don"t desire to cover increase my natural side or stage a power that provides you fall. No. If you are going to love me, you have to love me as a whole. Love the good, the bad, the ugly. Every component of me. Autumn in love v my worst side. If you have the right to love that, there"s a chance you worthy to love the best of me as well. I stand here. Ns don"t mask ... Me. No do up, just my ordinary hair, every day clothes. Thats me. Have the right to you take care of it? have the right to you love it? deserve to I reveal who ns really am and you fall for my honesty? I offer no part in a matinee. I show you my weakness. I show you my doubts. I display you my fear of permitting someone in. I display you my insecurity. I show you mine flaws. I present you mine damaged self. I present you my crazy. Right here it is, it is collection out because that you come see. You"d far better make certain you take it it all in. You have to accept every part of me. If you want any component of me. This is what ns offer. Therefore it"s your choice. Walk ahead. I challenge you. I challenge you come love me.

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And also then I dare myself to be loved. And to love in return....