he is a guy of mystery, known only as the Virginian. Follow his adventures as foreman the the Shiloh Ranch—from cattle drives come fighting outlaws in 1890s Wyoming.



standard action-packed Western! Stars James Drury as The Virginian and Doug McClure together Trampas.

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The Virginian is a guy of mystery, a guy of few words, a guy who never ever reveals his genuine name. Despite his unknown past, the is a male of honor, who lives by the password of the West based upon honesty, bravery, loyalty, respect, justice and also hard work. Together foreman that the Shiloh Ranch, the takes his ethical values seriously. He expects nothing more of his ranch hands than he expects that himself—and those space some huge boots come fill!

From long and also grueling livestock drives, to fighting outlaws and rustlers, come rescuing folks in trouble, to romantic entanglements, the straightforward yet smart stories room gripping, poignant and sometimes humorous. Episodes regularly dramatize subject of injustice, prejudice, the must take obligation for one’s actions, compassion and respect for others, in a family-friendly format.

The Virginian is the secret foreman the Shiloh, the big cattle ranch situated near Medicine Bow in the Wyoming region in the 1890s. He’s a guy of his word, though a guy of couple of words. He never reveals his real name. Tough, strong, polite, that is well-known to always do the right thing, bravely helping his girlfriend in times of trouble. He takes his obligations seriously, and also seems aloof, to it is in a loner, however deep under he is kind and also generous.

One that the Virginian’s friends, Trampas is the top Hand top top the ranch. But he didn’t always have a strong work ethic. Before working at Shiloh, he was repeatedly in trouble with the law, gambling and lazy. Meeting the Virginian and also Judge Garth help him mature and see the error that his ways. However his personality remains the same. If the Virginian is serious, Trampas goes to the opposite finish of the spectrum. The is fun-loving come the allude of sometimes being rowdy, vulnerable to obtaining himself involved in outrageous situations.

Booted off a train in the center of nowhere for having actually no ticket, cowhand Steve Hill finds work-related at a completing ranch. After he thwarts a plot against Shiloh, he viewpoints Shiloh owner, judge Garth about a job and also is hired together a ranch hand. He becomes a good friend come both the Virginian and Trampas, and is normally the one to pertained to the rescue once Trampas it s okay in trouble.

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Judge Garth is the very first owner that the Shiloh Ranch. The comes across as harsh and uncompromising, yet he has actually an affectionate next which is obvious as he takes ~ above the duty of mentor and father figure to the Virginian. That is a guy who earns the respect of medicine Bow’s citizens and also his employees. If there’s an unsettled matter between people, they space most likely to rotate to Garth for advice.