whole number
any one of the number 0,1,2,3,and therefore on
periodeach team of three digits in a location value chart
placethe position of a number in a number
valuethe product of a number multiplied by its place
standard formthe normal or common means to compose a number
expanded forma method of writing a number together the sum of the worths of the digits
decimala number v one or mor eof the number to the best of the decimal suggest such as 8.37 or 0.05
fractiona number such as 3/4, the names part of a totality or component of a group
equivalent decimalsdecimals that are the same number
roundto find the nearest worth of a number based on a given place value
estimateto find a number the is close to the specific answer
commutative property of additionthe stimulate of the addends does not adjust the sum
associative home of additionthe method the addends space grouped walk not readjust the sum
identity property of additionthe sum of any kind of number and zero equals the number
compensationprocess by which you adjust the worths of number and include or subtract mentally
productthe price in a multiplication problem
factora number multiplied to give a product; for example, 3 and also 5 in 3 x 5
arraya group of objects seperated in rows or columns
distributive building of multiplication over additionstates the to main point a sum by a number, you can multiply each addend by the number, and then include those commodities together
identity residential or commercial property of multiplicationthe product of any factor and 1 amounts to the factor
zero building of multiplicationthe product of any type of factor and also 0 amounts to 0
associative building of multiplicationthe method the addends space grouped does not adjust the product
commutative residential property of multiplicationthe bespeak of the addends walk not adjust the product
distributive building of multiplication end subtractionstates that to main point a differnece of two numbers by a 3rd number, you can multiply the first two number by the third and then find the distinction of the products
clusteringa means to estimate a amount by changing the addends that are close in value to one common number and also multiplying by the number of addends
basethe number the is to be elevated to a given exponent
exponentthe number that tells how countless times the base is provided as a factor
powera number derived by increasing a basic to an exponent
dividenda number to it is in divided
divisorthenumber through which a dividend is divided
quotientthe answer come a department problem
fact familya team of associated facts using the exact same numbers
remainderin division, a number left ~ the quotient is found
compatible numbersnumbers that deserve to be divided mentally without a remainder
power of 10a number acquired by elevating 10 come an exponent
divisiblea totality number is divisible by an additional number when the an initial is separated by the 2nd and the remainder is 0
prime numbera entirety number better than 1 that is divisible just by itself and the number 1
composite numbera whole number higher than 1 that is divisible by an ext numbers than simply itself and also the number 1
prime factorizationa method of expressing a whole number together a product of its element factors
factor treea diagram offered to uncover a prime factorization of a number
common factora totality number the is a factor of 2 or much more numbers
greatest common factorthe greatest whole number that is a common factor of two or much more numbers
fractiona number the names part of a totality or component of a group
numeratorthe number over the bar in a fraction; that tells how countless parts space being used
denominatorthe number below the bar in a fraction; the component of a portion that tells how many equal components are in the whole
equivalent fractionstwo different fractions that name the same number
simplest forma fraction is in simplest form when 1 is the only typical factor that the numerator and denominator
least usual multipleleast entirety number higher than 0 that is a lot of of 2 or an ext numbers
multiplethe product that a given number and also any other entirety number
least typical denominatorthe least usual multiple the the denominators of the fractions
mixed numbera number that combines a whole number and also a fraction
improper fractiona portion that has a numerator higher than the denominator
like denominatorsdenominators that space the same
reciprocalstwo numbers whose product is 1
divisorthe number whereby a dividend is divided
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