Tonight, Mr. Schuester has actually been struck v the monkey flu leaving Glee in the hands of a brilliant brand-new substitute teacher, Holly holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow!).

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Gwyneth Paltrow makes a special appearance together the young, cool Holly Holiday who relates to the youngsters on a personal level. She provides the kids the answers come tests, tweets come them top top Twitter and knows their music. She wins them end by to sing Cee-Lo Green’s recent hit “Forget You” v them. The only human she can’t sweet speak is Rachel. Also Sue (who is pour it until it is full in together principal since Figgins additionally has the flu) loves the vivid Holly Holiday. It helps the Gwyneth Paltrow have the right to sing yes, really well too. Who knew she had it in her?

While he’s ailing at home Will has got all kind of problems. Very first of all he’s having actually strange dreams or should we call them hallucinations? everything it is, will certainly imagines self doing a singing and dancing program of “Make ‘Em Laugh” through Mike. This is the weirdest musical routine Glee has ever done. That didn’t make sense in the episode. Since they are only doing a couple of songs every episode, castle should arrangement them a small better. Will also has his ex, Terri to deal with. Terri wants to take care of him and also he end up falling right into her arms.

Back at school, Holly is gaining much more bonus points. She desires the kids to song what they want. She help Rachel an episode of her covering with a duet of “All The Jazz” native Chicago.

Sue isn’t making any friends as major though. Sue takes a stand on healthy and balanced lunches and removes tater tots from the cafeteria. Mercedes pretty lot loses her mind at the idea of no potatoes because that lunch. It’s in reality a tiny disturbing to watch these kids protest for fried food. They require Jamie Oliver! cut calms she down as soon as he tells she she demands to take treatment of herself and focus ~ above herself and also love, not food. It’s surprising Kurt also noticed because he’s for this reason blissfully happy through Blaine. The barely even flinches as soon as the jock at school threatens to kill him.

Sue finally takes every her power to the extreme by firing will for good. That doesn’t last long though. Holly may love teaching, however she conveniently realizes she doesn’t have the meeting to have the ability to care for the Glee kids. She resigns quickly. Will certainly triumphantly returns, v Sue’s approval even.

Will has actually learned something indigenous Holly. He requirements to it is in a little more contemporary to relate come the kids. For this reason the pair team up because that one final duet. They combine the standard “Singin’ In The Rain” through Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” The totality group dances in the rain. They need to definately carry out this one at Sectionals, i beg your pardon is easily approaching.

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Gwyneth Paltrow go a good job ~ above Glee. They to speak she will certainly be return for much more episodes in the future and I personally can’t wait come see an ext of her.