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The Story of physician Dolittle concerns & Answers

Question 1: What walk Sarah usage to grumble about?

Answer: Sarah offered to grumble around all the pet animals as they made the home untidy.

Question 2: describe the Doctor’s pet?

Answer: The Doctor’s pet were Dab-Dab the duck, Jip the dog, Gub-Gub the baby pig, Polynesia the parrot and the owl Too-Too.

Question 3: Why had world stopped coming to above the doctor?

Answer: The human being stopped coming to top the doctor since he had actually a lot of pet animals.

Question 4: What taken place when an old lady with rheumatism concerned see the doctor?

Answer: The old lady v rheumatism sat on the hedgehog who was sleeping on the sofa as soon as she came to see the doctor.

The Story of doctor Dolittle inquiries & Answers

Question 5: What pointer did Cat’s-meat-Man give to the doctor? Why did he say so?

Answer: The tip that the cat-meat-an gave to the doctor was the he should become a pet doctor because he knows more about the pets then the vets in the city.

Question 6: What go the human being say to every other once they experienced the doctor after he had become poor? how did the animals and also children behave v him?

Answer: people said “There goes man Dolittle, M.D! There to be a time when he to be the finest known physician in the West country- Look in ~ him currently – that hasn’t any kind of money and his stockings are full of holes!” yet the dogs and also the cats and also the kids still ran up and followed him v the town.

Question 7: that told everyone that man Dolittle had come to be an pet doctor? What occurred then?

Answer: Cat’s-meat-Man told everyone that john Dolittle had become an animal doctor. The old ladies started to bring their pets pugs and poodles who had eaten too lot cake and farmers came countless miles to display him ailing cows and also sheep.

Question 8: What did Polynesia say around the various other animal-doctors?

Answer: Polynesia stated that no one of the other animal-doctors are great at all.

The Story of doctor Dolittle questions & Answers

Question 9: review the line and also answer the questions:

‘Looks to me though he were scratching his ear’.

(a) Who claimed this come whom?Answer: john Doliitle claimed to Polynesia the parrot.(b) that is ‘he’ in the over lines?Answer: In the above lines ‘he’ is Jip the dog.(c) What go the listener to speak then?Answer: The listener stated that pets don’t always speak through their mouths. Castle talk v their feet, ears, tail and with everything.(d) ~ a while, what go the speaker find out with the listener’s help?Answer: after ~ a if the speak learnt the language that the animals.

Question 10: read the line and answer the questions:

‘And she review your book to me’.

(a) who is the speaker?Answer: Cat’s-meat-Man(b) that is ‘she’ in the over line? What go the speaker think that it?Answer: ‘She’ in the above line is Cat’s-meat-Man’s wife. The speaker believed that she is a scholar.(c) What was the book about? What go the speaker think the it?Answer: The book was about cats. The speaker assumed it was a exorbitant book.

Question 11: fill in the blanks:

(a) The location ‘M.D’ meant that man Dolittle was a suitable doctor.(b) world thought Dolittle to it is in a clever guy when they witnessed him walking down the street in his high hat.(c) John’s sister, buy it Dolittle, to be housekeeper because that him.(d) The doctor kept plenty of kinds that pets.(e) Jip was the name of the doctor’s dog.(f) Sarah believed that all the pets made the residence untidy.

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So, these to be The Story of physician Dolittle inquiries & Answers.

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