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over there is a strange sort of conflict between Paul and also his mom in "The Rocking-Horse Winner." Paul is the protagonist , and also it is his story. He desires to please his mother, to make her happy, and also to gain her love, all by winning money top top the horse...

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There is a strange kind of conflict between Paul and also his mother in "The Rocking-Horse Winner." Paul is the protagonist, and it is his story. He desires to you re welcome his mother, to do her happy, and also to gain her love, all by to win money top top the equine races and giving it every to her. However no matter how tough he rides his rocking-horse and no matter exactly how much money he wins, she can not be satisfied. When he sees come it the she receives the sum of 5 thousand pounds, her reaction is simply the opposite of what he expected.

Then something really curious happened. The voices in the residence suddenly go mad, like a chorus that frogs ~ above a feather evening. There were certain new furnishings, and Paul had actually a tutor. The was really going to Eton, his father"s school, in the following autumn. Over there were flower in the winter, and a blossoming that the luxury Paul"s mother had been supplied to. And also yet the voices in the house, behind the sprays of mimosa and also almond-blossom, and from under the piles that iridescent cushions, merely trilled and screamed in a type of ecstasy: "There have to be more money! Oh-h-h; there need to be an ext money. Oh, now, now-w! Now-w-w - there should be an ext money! - much more than ever! an ext than ever!" 

Paul is do the efforts what is obviously impossible. It is impossible to get all over on a wood horse. The is impossible to foretell the future. And also it is difficult for that to victory his mother"s love. She is incapable of loving her children, and she will never change. Mothers often expect their children to offer them the things their husbands cannot provide. However Paul is only a small boy. It would certainly be years before he could accomplish the product success and also social reputation she yearns for. No doubt if he had actually lived she would have pushed him right into some career because that which he wasn"t suited, together mothers will certainly do. He keeps win money, and she keeps demanding much more and more and more. The dispute has to finish in catastrophe for the boy. He kills himself trying to fulfill her demands. Or it might be stated that she death him through those demands. This appears to be the key external problem in "The Rocking-Horse Winner."