If 2 Live Crew booked shows at lining E. Cheese, they would be The Puppies. The year was 1994 and the bass music sound to be in full swing when The Puppies (Calvin “Big Boy” Mills and Tamara “Dee” Mills) burst on the scene with their top 40 hit “Funky Y-2-C.”

“Hey tiny mama, why you dance so funky?/Hey tiny mama, why you dance so funky?/Yah, its the funky dance, that funky Y2C!”

Despite release a follow-up solitary (“Hokey Pokey”) and two albums, “Funky Y-2-C” stays The Puppies just hit. Where room they now?

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Posted by usmam.org on respectable 20, 2012 in entertain News, Music, Videos and also tagged Calvin "https://usmam.org/the-puppies-funky-y2c-where-are-they-now/imager_5_2593_700.jpgBig Boy"https://usmam.org/the-puppies-funky-y2c-where-are-they-now/imager_5_2593_700.jpg Mills, Chaos/Columbia Records/SME Records, Funky Y-2-C, Hokey Pokey, Pandisc, Recognize, Tamara "https://usmam.org/the-puppies-funky-y2c-where-are-they-now/imager_5_2593_700.jpgDee"https://usmam.org/the-puppies-funky-y2c-where-are-they-now/imager_5_2593_700.jpg Mills, The Puppies, Where space They Now.

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