Little house on the Prairie is a universally beloved display for so many reasons. Even decades after the series ended, fans are still enamored v the nostalgic appeal and also timeless storylines. Yet not every illustration is as famous as the last.

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The present has confronted criticism because that being also dramatic, also unrealistic, and also not enough like the book collection written through Laura Ingalls Wilder. These room the most hated illustration of Little house on the Prairie based on IMDb user rating.

‘Little residence on the Prairie’ proved just how much fans love nostalgia


‘Little residence on the Prairie’ actors | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Plenty the networks press to come out through new, modern-day programming for your audiences. However Little house on the Prairie took an the contrary approach, providing a family-friendly collection set much in the past. 

The personalities experienced serious difficulties ranging from drug addiction to kid neglect, racism, and also death. Still, the as whole vibe of the historic drama was uplifting. And also fans couldn’t get sufficient of the main characters, consisting of Michael Landon (Pa Ingalls) and also Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls). Your popularity assisted make the display such a vast success.

‘The older Brothers’ has a 6.9 rating top top IMDb

The 5th least-liked episode of Little home on the Prairie attributes a few outlaws who space up come no good. In season 9, episode 14, the Younger brothers gain out that jail and hold Mr. Edwards because that ransom. The brothers eventually turn us in hoping to cash in top top the price money.

Like plenty of other storylines on Little House, the episode took cues native an episode of Bonanza and also even featured a near-identical scene. But fans no respond favorably to it.

‘Fight Team Fight’ is not a well-known episode the ‘Little House’

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Fans also weren’t as well excited through “Fight Team Fight” from season 7. Follow to IMDb, the illustration was about, “Walnut Grove’s obsessive new football coach pressures his players to win at any type of cost, locking horns with Laura over homework assignments, skip dangerous injuries and also alienating his family.”

It additionally received a rating the 6.9 top top IMDb.

‘Little residence on the Prairie’ fans didn’t love ‘The Nephews’ either

The episode around naughty kids Myron and Rupert bring about trouble in Walnut Grove only earned a 6.8 rating from fans.

Uncle Almanzo and Aunt Laura come up through a an excellent scheme to revolutionary the guys from your spoiled behavior. Yet for every little thing reason, this installment of Little House simply didn’t resonate with viewers. Castle only offered it a rating of 6.8.

‘The Godsister’ indigenous season 5 no well-received

In “The Godsister,” Charles and Jonathan Garvey acquire jobs through a telephone crew if Carrie create an imagine friend called Alyssa. The two have actually adventures together and go come visit Jack in Heaven.

Charles and also Jonathan return and also Carrie needs to accept that Alyssa is no real and also just an imagine friend. It’s no the just dream-like episode that obtained low marks from fans.

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The worst-rated episode of ‘Little House’ is referred to as ‘Halloween Dreams’

It shows up Little residence on the Prairie pan aren’t in favor of imaginary sequences top top the show. The many hated episode of the collection is “Halloween Dreams” and also it’s all pretend. 

In it, Albert has a dream on Halloween which requires he and also Laura gaining kidnapped by a rogue aboriginal American people after gift mistaken for members of another tribe. One fan called the illustration “an weird dream and also stupid storyline,” which appears to amount up many people’s feelings about it.

“Halloween Dreams” has a 5.2 rating ~ above IMDb, making it the worst the the worst in terms of ratings.