I freshly re-watched The Mummy (1999) and felt that deserved a little Friday post. The Mummy was a reimagining that the standard 1932 film of the exact same name, starring Boris Karloff. Basically, that modernized the initial story, adding cutting-edge computer system graphics and a cast virtually entirely of some of the many beautiful human being ever to show up in the exact same film together.

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I’ve never felt therefore seen.

The costumes were designed by john Bloomfield, that designed other iconic action-with-a-thin-layer-of-history movies such together Conan the barbaric (1982), Robin Hood: Prince the Thieves (1989), and also the post-apocalyptic epic The Postman (1997). I was able to dig up only one interview with him top top the topic of his design for The Mummy, top top a relic the a website dubbed Film Scouts:

interest in the costumes was not so lot from a character suggest of check out or in state of historical accuracy; he wanted the whole thing come look great and come look right. I’m no saying the costumes aren’t accurate, I’m simply saying that what friend look for is the point that will best sell your point of see in the story.” — john Bloomfield

So let’s watch at exactly how well he was able to “sell the allude of see in the story”!

Evelyn Carnahan – Plucky librarian

Played by Rachel Weisz, Evy gets the many extensive and also varied costumes in the film. She starts off in this prim blouse-and-skirt ensemble and also then promptly becomes an ext and more dishabille as the plot sees she making harrowing escapes in her nightgown, climate underwear, and also finally a extremely fantasized “Egyptian” outfit. Many of the is an ext or less suitable for the 1920s, if you squint and also don’t think as well hard around it.


Clumsy but beautiful, nerdy yet still willing to acquire her hand dirty.


Seen her through her brother, Jonathan (John Hannah). She’s accessorized the outfit above with a lengthy cardigan and also a large brimmed hat. He’s in a linen suit jacket and knickerbockers, through a pith helmet tucked under his arm.


Nightgown because that a little nighttime research.


I really perform worry around her wandering about the Egyptian desert with all the bare skin and not ending up with a blistering sunburn, choose Rick and also Jonathan seem to have developed…


Some quite Bedouin ladies have actually hooked Evy up through a an ext appropriate costume because that running about the desert top top the earlier of a camel, made of almost transparent black cotton. But hey, at least she’s covered?


She ditches the veils pretty quickly, however we are claimed to view her mother’s Egyptian side coming with in this costume.

Rick O’Connell – American Adventurer

Played through Brendan Fraser, Rick was attached at some suggest to the French foreign Legion, despite it’s not exactly clear if he’s quiet affiliated with them by the time he meets up through the Carnahan siblings. He has actually two watch in the film, the very first with his international Legion jacket, which is quickly abandoned, and the 2nd in the great under the jacket consists of a shirt, trousers, and dual gun holster.


He ditches the jacket pretty quickly.


I execute like that kicky blue scarf, though.

Imhotep – negative Guy

Played by south African gibbs Arnold Vosloo, Imhotep is a powerful priest native 1290 B.C.E. Who makes the mistake for falling for the King’s chief mistress. He spends most of his time on screen shirtless through a robe or just sans robe and also shirtless, either means looking warm AF.


I’d be lying if I claimed the totality half-decayed-jawline point wasn’t a finish turn off.


Why, hello there.

Anck Su Namun – The Mummy

Played through Venezuelan actress Patricia Velásquez, Anck Su Namun is Imhotep’s beloved. She betrayed the pharaoh and also engaged in an illicit affair with Imhotep. She kills herself once they room discovered, believing that Imhotep had actually the strength to bring her earlier to life. Together you do. She costume isn’t yes, really a costume, but mostly part really impressive body paint, done by assembly artist sarah Pickering.


The only aspects to her costume that aren’t directly applied to her body is a loin cloth and also some jewelry.

Ardeth just – mine Boyfriend

Played by Israeli actor, Oded Fehr, the initial iteration of this character as played through Boris Karloff was Imhotep’s human form. In The Mummy (1999), Ardeth just is reimagined very first as a threat to Rick and also Evy, and also then as their ally. He’s the leader of the Medjai, the Muslim descendants of the ancient Egyptian palace guards who proceed to clock over and protect the old ruins that Hamunaptra. He’s basically draped in layers of black robes.


Ardeth Bay’s costume is arguably among the many iconic indigenous this film.

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There are aspects to The Mummy i beg your pardon haven’t aged an especially well in the intervening years. The unexamined colonialism, the fact that 2 of the three main characters are interested in profiting off Egyptian artifacts, the means that the movie treats many of the Muslim personalities as buffoons or worse, and also the white-washed casting of almost all of the main characters. Those room all points we hopefully understand to do far better nowadays, but like so plenty of historical films, it to be a product that its time, and also we have the right to only suggest to wherein we deserve to do much better going forward.

What did you think of The Mummy (1999)? Share her thoughts through us in the comments!