A monkey, looking very sad and also dejected, to be walking along the bank of the flow one day once he met a turtle.

“How room you?” request the turtle, noticing the he looked sad.

The monkey replied, “Oh, mine friend, ns am really hungry. The squash the Mr. Farmer were all taken through the other monkeys, and now i am around to die from desire of food.”

“Do no be discouraged,” claimed the turtle; “take a bolo and follow me and we will certainly steal part banana plants.”

So castle walked along with each other until they uncovered some nice plants which castle dug up, and then they tried to find a location to collection them. Finally the monkey climbed a tree and also planted his in it, but as the turtle can not rise he dug a feet in the floor and collection his there.

When their work-related was finished they walk away, to plan what they have to do with their crop. The monkey said:

“When my tree bear fruit, ns shall offer it and have a good deal that money.”

And the turtle said: “When my tree bears fruit, i shall market it and also buy three varas of towel to wear in place of this cracked shell.”

A few weeks later they went back to the place to view their plants and also found the that the the monkey was dead, for its roots had actually had no soil in the tree, but that the the tortoise was tall and bearing fruit.

“I will certainly climb come the top so that us can gain the fruit,” stated the monkey. And also he sprang up the tree, leave the negative turtle top top the floor alone.

“Please offer me part to eat,” called the turtle, however the monkey threw him just a eco-friendly one and also ate all the ripe people himself.

When the had consumed all the good bananas, the monkey stretched his arms about the tree and also went to sleep. The turtle, see this, was really angry and considered just how he might punish the thief. Having chose on a scheme, that gathered some sharp bamboo i beg your pardon he stuck all around under the tree, and also then that exclaimed:

“Crocodile is coming! Crocodile is coming!”

The monkey was so startled at the cry that he dropped upon the spicy bamboo and also was killed.

Then the turtle reduced the dead monkey right into pieces, placed salt on it, and dried that in the sun. The next day, he saw the mountains and also sold his meat come other chimpanzees who gladly gave him squash in return. As he was leaving lock he dubbed back:

“Lazy fellows, girlfriend are currently eating your own body; girlfriend are now eating your own body.”

Then the primates ran and caught him and also carried him come their very own home.

“Let united state take a hatchet,” claimed one old monkey, “and cut him into very tiny pieces.”

But the tortoise laughed and also said: “That is just what i like, I have been struck with a hatchet numerous times. Execute you not view the black color scars on my shell?”

Then one of the other chimpanzees said: “Let united state throw him right into the water,”

At this the tortoise cried and also begged them to preventive his life, but they payment no heed come his pleadings and threw him right into the water. The sank to the bottom, but really soon came up with a lobster. The monkeys were significantly surprised in ~ this and begged him to tell them exactly how to record lobsters.

“I bound one finish of a string roughly my waist,” said the turtle.

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“To the other finish of the string ns tied a rock so that I would sink.”

The monkeys instantly tied strings roughly themselves as the tortoise said, and when all was prepared they plunged right into the water never to come up again.

And come this day monkeys do not prefer to eat meat, because they mental the old story.

Philippine individual Tales


Notes: This book features 61 folktales native the Philippines.