I expect to live longer since I have a funny husband. I love his style of humor. Ray’s jokes are always topical, contextual and also spontaneous (as protest to the “let me tell friend this one” variety). That is smart and quick. That doesn’t use shock language and his joke are never ever mean. Ns lead one entertained life and in addition to some other great qualities ray has, I take into consideration myself a really fortunate woman to have accidentally met him on a tennis court in 1992.

Comedy is not Ray’s permanent profession but in addition to public speaking, it is among his competencies and something he enjoys doing.

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This is the story, as Ray explained to me, of just how the main version that The guy Song video clip was recently made. The video clip stars the song’s creator, Sean Morey, and is directed and produced by mine husband, ray Gordon.

Sean Morey is an accomplished comedian who hails from the tiny town that Longport, new Jersey. After starting as a performer top top the streets of Boston, he later on moved come Los Angeles and also saw his career take off. Playing the banjo and guitar, he has actually written many funny original songs that have been play on radio stations across the U.S.A.

Ray Gordon was a classmate that Sean’s in ~ Atlantic City High School. They were amongst the very couple of students who hailed native the small town the Longport (population: 600 ago then), i m sorry must have been a key factor in their comedic development. They to be both top top the school’s fantastic cross-country team, and spent countless hours keeping their teammates loosened with part funny stories, good-natured ribbing and also general frivolity.

Upon graduation, castle parted means – ray going to institution in NYC and also Sean setup off for Boston. After some time show in Boston, Sean moved to Los Angeles and also saw his comedic career take it off. Sean has showed up on the tonight Show countless times, and also has a variety of other TV appearances come his credit. The is famous for his live stand-up routines and also his musical numbers. Playing the banjo and guitar, Sean has actually written and performed numerous funny original songs that have actually been well-known on radio stations across the U.S.A.

Ray took a an ext roundabout course as a comedian. After ~ work, he’d perform in small events indigenous time to time, regularly using visual pictures he developed to existing his material. He additionally taught graduate institution for 17 years, more honing his comedy skills… or for this reason he says. Ray moved to Japan in 1994, and also eventually ended up being a continual stand-up comedian in ~ the Tokyo Comedy Store. He to be featured in the 1999 GQ Comedy worry in one article about Japan referred to as The Toughest Room in show Biz.


Ray Gordon and Sean Morey at Atlantic City High college Reunion august 2011

Ray and also Sean re-connected a couple years back, and often got together to profession one-liners and also work on track lyrics. At one point, your conversation came around to Ray’s job-related in creating videos, and also how they might collaborate on a project. It transforms out the Sean want to do his own authorized live activity music video of Sean’s most famous song, The man Song. In the first few years after that release, The male Song was among the most widely played comedy song on radio. Others had actually taken the initial audio track created with a live audience and posted assorted versions the the song to YouTube, causing millions the views. Among those versions was released by the radio display “Bob and also Tom” wherein he to be a regular guest. There to be lyrics and there to be both a puppet and a cartoon with a relocating mouth but no one had ever attempted live action. Sean believed the time had come because that him come “reclaim” his very own song top top video.

Ray operated with Sean in outlining each verse, determining the alternatives for vision gags to punctuate every line, and also storyboarding every scene. When all the vision gags had actually been finalized, they searched for a venue to film the video. His sister available her home in Los Angeles, which available the perfect combination of quiet environment, ample indoor rooms and a pretty outdoor area.


Ray Gordon

Because it to be a family home, the entire shoot had to be perfect in one day. The actresses arrived v their wardrobe and Ray collection up the cameras and lighting beginning in the morning, and also shooting commenced. After a whirlwind of task and a variety of scene and wardrobe changes, through 4PM the shoot to be complete.

Editing included scenes indigenous multiple cameras and syncing the activity to the yes, really soundtrack that the track as it shows up on Sean’s comedy CD. As soon as complete, the video was posted to YouTube ~ above December 19th, 2011.

What we discovered amazing was the reaction of world to the video. So many friends commented that it was one of their favorite comedy songs, and that they remember hearing it frequently on the radio. We discovered that The guy Song was likewise well well-known on Kauai, having actually been featured by the really popular neighborhood radio personality, Ron Wiley.

Sean’s album He’s The Man consists of The man Song and also 23 much more of his comedic recordings.


The man Song text by Sean Morey

Ladies and also gentleman, The guy Song!

He’s the man. He’s the man.

I don’t take it no crap native anybody else…but youI wear the pants approximately here…when I end up with your laundry

Cause I’m a male you don’t wanna fight…when ns say “jump”, you speak “yeah right”Cause I’m the man of this house…until you get home

He’s the man. He’s the man.

When ns say goes around here…right out the windowBut i don’t wanna hear a many whining…so I’ll closeup of the door up

The sooner you learn who’s boss around here…the sooner girlfriend can provide me my orders, dearCause I’m head honcho about here…but it’s every in my head

He’s the man. He’s the man.

And I deserve to have sex anytime…that friend wantCause I’m a man who has actually needs…but they’re not that important

And don’t expect any type of flowers native me…Cause if I’m no mistaken, you prefer jewelryI’m the king of my castle…when you’re no around

He’s the man. He’s the man.

And I’ll drink and watch sports…whenever i wanna get in troubleAnd I’ll come home, once I’m an excellent and ready…to sleep top top the couch

Cause a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…and I’m gonna do what you tell me toBecause I’m peak dog around here…but I’ve been neutered

He’s the man. He’s the man!

You the man!


Is this your very first introduction to The male Song or does it spark a satisfied memory? perhaps you have actually bought the CD which includes this and also other Sean Morey hits. Would love to hear your stories around the The man Song or The guy or The mrs in your life.

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