A Goat and Fox went into a deep well to drink. Neither can get out alone. The Goat to be talked right into helping the Fox that then left the Goat on his own.

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Look prior to you leap.


Eliot/Jacobs Version

A Fox fell into a deep well from i m sorry he might not acquire out. A Goat happen by soon afterwards, and asked the Fox what he was doing under there.

“Oh, have you not heard?” said the Fox; “there is going to it is in a great drought, so ns jumped down here in order to be certain to have water through me. Why don’t you come under too?”

The Goat assumed well that this advice, and jumped down right into the well.

The Fox immediately jumped on she back, and also by putting his foot ~ above her long horns controlled to jump approximately the leaf of the well. “Good-bye, friend,” claimed the Fox, “if you had actually brains equal to the variety of hairs in her beard you would certainly not have actually jumped under without a means back up.”


Milo Winter (1919)

A Fox fell into a well, and also though it to be not an extremely deep, he uncovered that he could not get out again. After that had been in the well a lengthy time, a thirsty Goat came by. The Goat assumed the Fox had actually gone down to drink, and so the asked if the water to be good.

“The finest in the totality country,” claimed the crafty Fox, “jump in and try it. Over there is much more than sufficient for both the us.”

The thirsty Goat immediately jumped in and began come drink. The Fox just as easily jumped ~ above the Goat’s ago and leaped indigenous the pointer of the Goat’s horns out of the well.

The foolish Goat now saw what a plight the had got into, and also begged the Fox to assist him out. However the Fox was currently on his means to the woods.

“If you had as lot sense together you have beard, old fellow,” he claimed as that ran, “you would have been much more cautious around finding a way to acquire out again prior to you jumped in.”


Look before you leap.

Townsend version

A fox one day fell into a deep well and could discover no means of escape. A Goat, get rid of with thirst, came to the very same well, and seeing the Fox, inquired if the water to be good. Concealing his sad plight under a funny guise, the Fox you disturb yourself in a lavish praise of the water, speak it was excellent beyond measure, and also encouraging him come descend. The Goat, mindful only of his thirst, thoughtlessly jumped down, but just together he drank, the Fox informed him of the challenge they were both in and suggested a system for their typical escape. “If,” claimed he, “you will ar your forefeet ~ above the wall and bend her head, I will run increase your ago and escape, and also will help you the end afterwards.” The Goat conveniently assented and also the Fox leaped upon his back. Steadying himself with the Goat’s horns, that safely got to the mouth the the well and made turn off as fast as the could. Once the Goat upbraided him for breaking his promise, the turned around and also cried out, “You foolish old fellow! If you had as many brains in her head as you have actually hairs in her beard, you would certainly never have gone down before you had inspected the way up, nor have actually exposed yourself to threats from which you had no method of escape.”


Look before you leap.


A Fox having tumbled, through chance, into a well, had actually been casting around a long while, to no purpose, how he should obtain out again; when, at last, a Goat involved the place, and wanting, to drink, request Reynard, whether the water was good! Good! says he; ay, for this reason sweet, that i am fear I have actually surfeited myself, I have drunk therefore abundantly. The Goat, ~ above this, without any more ado, leapt in; and also the Fox, acquisition the benefit of his horns, through the aid of them, together nimbly leapt out, leaving the poor Goat in ~ the bottom that the well, to change for himself.


The doctrine taught united state by this fable is no an ext than this, that us ought to think about who that is the advises us, before we monitor the advice. For, however plausible the counsel might seem, if the human being that offers it is a crafty knave, we may be assured that he intends to offer himself in it, more than us, if not to erect something to his own advantage out of our ruin.

The little, poor, nation attorney, all set to perish, and sunk come the shortest depth of poverty, for want of employment, by such arts together these, draws the ‘squire, his neighbour, right into the gulph the the law; till, laying hold on the branches that his revenue, he elevator himself the end of obscurity, and also leaves the other immured in the bottom the a mortgage.

A Fox having tumbled, by chance, into a well, had actually been ineffectually endeavouring a lengthy while to obtain out again, when, at last, a Goat involved the place, and wanting come drink, inquiry Reynard even if it is the water was good? Good! stated he, aye, for this reason sweet, that ns am fear I have surfeited myself, I have actually drank so abundantly. The Goat, ~ above this, without much more consideration, leapt in; when the Fox placed upon his back, and taking the benefit of his horns, bounded increase in one instant, and left the poor an easy Goat at the bottom that the fine to shift for himself. Top top the Goat’s reproaching him because that his perfidy, Ah, understand Goat, claimed he, you have far much more hairs in your beard than brains in her head.


Credulitv might be claimed to be the child of ignorance, and also the mother of distress. A wise guy will not suffer himself come be enforced upon by slender artifices and idle tales; yet the credulous male is quickly deluded, and subjects himself to numberless misfortunes. That is ever before the dupe of creating knaves, and of needy adventurers, who are always intent upon serving themselves at the expence that others. They close upon opulent guys of weak minds, as the objects of delusion, and also for this purpose, tempt them through proposals that apparently helpful schemes, i m sorry they have actually ready do out, to attract their victims to embark in addition to them. Through credulity, they expect to develop their own fortune, and noted this it is in done, they treatment not, also if the destroy of their unsuspecting associates follow. It will an in similar way ever be found that once an ethical man and also a knave happen to become partners in the same typical interest, the latter, whenever necessity pinches, will certainly be sure to shift for himself, and also leave the previous in the lurch.

It is possible that Bewick is making use of gulls as instances of the knave that will ‘shift for himself’. – The Bewick Society

A FOX through chance, and also not design,Into a well did tumble;So it dropped out, the he fell in,Which made bad Reynard grumble.

A goat that wish’d to quench his thirst;Approach’d the well v haste;But seeing the fox had acquired there first,Ask’d how he favored the taste.

“How?” stated the fox, “these waters areDelicious, I assure ye;So wholesome too, that if friend wereNow dying, they would cure ye.”

Deceived by this vile fellow’s clackThe stunner goat descended;So Reynard jumping on his back,Got out, together he intended.

When we take the advice of a rogue, who can tellBut ’twill end like the goat jumping right into the well?

JBR Collection

Fox and a Goat as soon as journeyed together. The Goat to be a an easy creature, hardly ever seeing beyond his very own nose; while the Fox, like many of his kind, to be a understand of knavery. They to be led by thirst to descend a deep well, and when they had both drunk freely, the Fox said, “Now, grasp Goat, what shall us do? drink is all an extremely well, however it won’t gain us the end from here. Friend had much better rear up versus the wall; then, through the assist of her horns, ns can get out, and, once out, that course ns can assist you.” “By mine beard,” said the Goat, “that’s a great plan. I have to never have actually thought of that. Exactly how I wish I had actually your brains, to it is in sure!” The Fox, having obtained out in the way described, started to rail at his companion. “Make the many of her patience, old fellow,” claimed he, “for you’ll require it all. If you had had fifty percent as lot brains together beard, you would never have actually gone under there. I am i m really sorry that ns can’t stay much longer with you, yet I have actually some company that must be watched to. So, good-bye.”

L’Estrange version

A fox and a goat went down by consent right into a fine to drink, and when they had quench’d their thirst, the goat dropped to searching up and also down which means to get earlier again. Oh! claims Reynard, never ever trouble her head exactly how to gain back, but leave the to me. Do however you progressive your me upon your hinder legs through your fore-feet close to the wall, and then stretch out your head: ns can quickly whip as much as your horns, and so the end of the well, and draw you after me. The goat puts himself in posture immediately as he was directed, provides the fox a lift, and also so out he springs; but Reynard’s bus’ness was now only to make sport through his companion rather of helping him. Some difficult words the goat offered him, but the fox puts off all through a jest. If you had actually but half so much brains as you have beard, says he, you would have bethought her self just how to gain up again prior to you went down.

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A wise male will conflict every thing pro and also con prior to he comes to fix upon any kind of resolution. He pipeline nothing come chance more than demands must. There must be no bantering the end of season.

Hircus et Vulpes in Puteo

Vulpes et hircus, sitientes, in quendam puteum, ut sitim extinguerent, descenderunt. Verum enim article potum, cum egressum circumspiceret hircus, vulpes ei comiter ait, “Bono sis animo! Nam quid saluti nostrae opus sit, probe animadverti. Si enim rectus stabis et pedibus anterioribus cornibusve muro adhaerebis, tuas ergo scapulas cornuaque conscendens exibo. Cumque egressa fuero, te manu comprehendens, hinc desuper traham.” Huic hircus prompte deservivit. Vulpes, suo exsultans egressu, circa os putei hirco alludebat. In ~ dum hircus illam incusat sibi pacta haud servasse, ei facete vulpecula inquit, “Si ea, hirce, sapientia praeditus esses quo pilorum ornatu istaec tua barba referta est, no prius in puteum descendisses quam egressum pensiculate vidisses.”

Perry #009

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