I require to understand what that is for this practice im doing at home. Mine teacher claimed i can use this website for help.

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Word troubles are easier if you just write down specifically what castle say. You require to know math vocabulary, however, - and that is very IMPORTANT.

SUM - means the answer to an addition problem.

DIFFERENCE - way the answer to a subtraction problem.

(If friend don"t know them, look up product and also quotient - friend will need to understand those too for the test.)

So, for your trouble - "the sum of 2 number is 11". I don"t know what castle 2 numbers are..., and also the question most likely goes on come ask girlfriend what lock are. So ns will speak to them x and also y, and also once I deal with for x and y, i will have my answer.

If the amount of x and y IS 11 --- take keep in mind that IS is also a mathematics word - it to represent =.

We have the right to simply "translate" this words "into math":

x + y = 11.

Can you set up one equation for the DIFFERENCE? You will now have actually a 2nd equation.

Once you perform that, friend will have 2 equations and 2 unknowns, x and also y. For a test choose Accuplacer, you deserve to use substitution or elimination to solve.

Substitution can sometimes be tedious, however in this case, it is no Let"s usage the amount equation to deal with for x - you execute that by simply rearranging the equation:

x + y = 11

subtract y native both sides:

x = 11 - y.

Now you have a 2nd equation indigenous the difference -

You have to have gotten x - y = 5.

Let"s instead of for the x in the beginning of this equation:

x - y = 5.

(11-y) -y = 5

combine choose terms:

11 - 2y = 5

add 2y to both sides of the equation,

then subtract 5 indigenous both political parties of the equation, and also hopefully you can take the from there to settle for y.

But the is just 1 that the numbers. Use one of your equations to fix x, offered the value of y you found.

Now check - is the amount 11? Is the difference 5?


Knowing exactly how to use MATH VOCABULARY to merely write under what is being offered in the inquiry is the an essential to addressing word problems.

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REVIEW substitution and also ELIMINATION (another method not questioned here), to solve "systems of equations" (which is a fancy method of saying "more than one equation"). Accuplacer will expect you to recognize these skills.