The much longer diagonal the a kite is called the key diagonal and the much shorter one is referred to as the overcome diagonal. The main diagonal that a dragon is the perpendicular bisector that the cross diagonal.

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That is, here the diagonal line BD¯ perpendicularly bisects the diagonal line AC¯.


Example 1:


In kite PQRS, QS is the main diagonal. If PR=10 units and also QO=4units what is the length PQ?

Here, QS is the perpendicular bisector that PR. Then, m∠QOP=90° and also PO=12PR=RO.



ΔPOQ is a best triangle, PO=5 units, QO=4 units. Usage the Pythagorean theorem to find the size of the hypotenuse.





The opposite angle at the ends of the cross diagonal space congruent.

That is, ∠BAD≅∠BCD.



The area of a dragon is half the product that the lengths of the diagonals.

that is, if the lengths of the diagonals of a kite room d1 and also d2 respectively, then area A of the dragon is provided by the formula:


Example 2:

In kite LMNO, the length of the main diagonal MO is 12 units and also that the the overcome diagonal LN is 5 units. What is the area that the dragon LMNO?





Therefore, the area that the kite LMNO is 30 square units.

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