space you a previous felon who’s struggling to discover work on your own? If so, keep reading, and we’ll call you how staffing agencies that hire felons could be the answer!

What exactly do we typical by “staffing agencies?” these are carriers that specialization in offering businesses v a stable supply of high quality employees. This method they contact huge employers in the area to uncover out their hiring needs. Lock look at points like:

How many human being does the company need come hire?Do potential employee need any type of special qualifications?What is the agency willing come pay this employees?

From there, they draw up a contract with that employer and also start your search. That’s whereby you come in! these staffing agencies frequently have a vast quota of employee to fill for this companies. Not just that, but they’re usually paid based on the variety of quality employee they provide. Therefore, if lock don’t fill the north positions, castle don’t obtain paid.

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That’s why temp agencies that hire felons are a large benefit to former offenders searching for work. You require a task (so you can gain paid) and they need good workers (so castle can gain paid). It’s a win-win scenario!

In this article, we’ll take it an comprehensive look at several significant staffing agencies in the US. We’ll evaluate whether each firm is felon-friendly or not. And we’ll likewise give you some pointers on exactly how to get a task at a staffing agency.

Why would certainly we take the time to placed together an post like this? in ~ Relaunch Pad, our goal is to aid you live a common life ~ prison. Gaining a project is a large part of that. However, for numerous former felons, recognize employment is one of the biggest obstacles they confront when trying to enhance their lives after prison. Just how do we know this? plenty of of the world on ours team are previous offenders, and others have worked very closely with them in reentry programs.

The bottom line: us care since we’ve been there.

With the in mind, let’s launch into how you can get started identifying neighborhood staffing agencies that hire felons. We’ll also answer concerns like:

Are there staffing agencies that hire felons on probation?Where deserve to I find staffing agencies that hire recent felons?What are the odds of recognize staffing agencies that hire felons through no experience?What about staffing agencies that hire felons after 5 years?

Staffing agencies that hire felons


Let’s start with overviews of each of the companies discussed above. We’ll watch at whether or not they hire former felons, and their steps for lift checks and also drug testing.


Adecco is a staffing company that matches people with both permanent and also temporary task openings. They have proclaimed a willingness come “consider for employment default applicants with arrest and conviction records.” and also we recognize from our study that they’ve hired previous felons in the past.

While we think former offenders have actually an typical chance of getting hired here, it’s necessary to understand that they will certainly most likely do a lift check. We also read reports the they perform drug testing for particular positions.

If this sounds favor the one because that you, go to your careers web page here.

Eastridge workforce Solutions

When us contacted lock to find out if lock hire previous felons, they let us know that “Eastridge does not location felons.” This clearly indicates a low opportunity that former offenders will be able to get a task here.

However, it’s feasible that they’re willing to discover positions for people with misdemeanors. Our study led us to believe that their policies for to run background checks and also drug trial and error depend ~ above the customer they’re hiring for.

If this sounds choose the one for you, go to your careers page here.

Express Employment

We know from our team members’ experience that refer Employment is very felon-friendly. Their website makes it clear that they “promote people solely based upon their qualifications for the job.”

While there is a high opportunity that former offenders will find work through Express, there space some things about their hiring procedure you should be aware of:

You’ll go through an interview to watch what an abilities you have actually that can be valuable to the suppliers they’re functioning with.They will certainly ask you questions about your legal history and will certainly most likely run a background inspect to confirm your responses.After this interview process, you will likely be inquiry to complete an on-site urinalysis/drug-screening.

If this sounds like the one for you, walk to their careers page here.

Integrity Staffing

Integrity Staffing serves hundreds of clients all over the USA. As soon as we asked castle if castle hire former felons, they told united state “no one is immediately disqualified” because of your background. This indicates that several of their clients are open to hiring previous felons, while others might not be.

Overall, we believe former felons have actually an mean chance of recognize a project through truth Staffing. Be conscious that most employees report going with a background examine during the rental process, and many positions compelled a medicine test as well.

If this sounds like the one because that you, go to your careers web page here.

Kelly Services

Kelly services not just works with suppliers all across the USA, lock actually have actually clients all about the world! as soon as we request them about hiring former felons, they permit us understand that every applicant is thought about on an separation, personal, instance basis. However, they also confirmed they’ve hired previous offenders in the past.

This means there’s a high likelihood other previous felons can find work with Kelly Services! just know the you’ll most likely go through a background check and also drug test as soon as you apply.

If this sounds like the one because that you, walk to your careers web page here.


Manpower works through their client to fill temporary, temporary-to-permanent and also permanent positions for clients in plenty of different industries. While us haven’t obtained a direct statement indigenous them around hiring previous felons, it looks prefer they have actually hired previous offenders in the past. This different from one customer to the next (based on their specifications).

Still, our study leads united state to think former felons have an average chance of acquiring a project through Manpower. It also tells us that all applicants will certainly undergo a background check and also may be drug tested at any type of time prior to or during their employment.

If this sounds prefer the one because that you, walk to their careers web page here.

Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing works primarily with small- and also medium-sized businesses. Their solution to ours inquiry about hiring felons shows that plenty of of your clients have actually hired previous offenders “under particular conditions.” It appears that each client has the chance to testimonial a potential employee’s background prior to they come to work because that them.

With this being the case, we believe there’s a high likelihood that Oasis Outsourcing will have the ability to find work-related for previous felons. Keep in mind the they’ll most likely do a background inspect when adding you to your candidate pool. Also, depending upon their clients’ requirements, you may have to pass a drug test to be eligible for particular assignments.

If this sounds like the one for you, go to their careers web page here.

The Onin Group

The Onin group let us recognize that they’re willing to hire anyone. However, they told us that when it involves placing previous offenders, the comes under to what offenses their clients “are ready to accept.”

We think you have actually a high likelihood of finding work-related through The Onin Group because they’ve made that clear the they’ve hired previous felons in the past. Throughout their intake process, they will certainly ask girlfriend questions around your background and also the an abilities you have to offer your clients. You will probably likewise need to complete an on-site urinalysis medicine test as a component of this process.

If this sounds choose the one for you, walk to your careers web page here.

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Peoplelink Staffing solutions is another staffing firm with locations all throughout the USA. While we haven’t contacted castle directly, we were maybe to obtain a an excellent deal of info from their website and company review sites. This sources suggest that Peoplelink is willing to hire previous offenders.

It watch like previous felons have an median chance that finding work through Peoplelink. Several of their clients room willing come hire previous felons, when others room not. They do it clear on your website the potential employees will be request to send “a drug display screen consent form, release of criminal records, and also references.”

If this sounds choose the one because that you, go to their careers page here.


Randstad is another large staffing firm in the US. While we haven’t received any type of information from them directly, we have actually done some research right into whether or not they hire previous felons. Ultimately, our research returned blended results.

With the being the case, we can only say the it’s unclear whether or not someone with a criminal document will be able to find work-related through Randstad. We do understand that that looks like all potential employees will certainly go with a elevator check and drug screening process.

If this sounds prefer the one for you, walk to their careers web page here.

Remedy Staffing

Remedy Staffing is another staffing company we have actually attempted come contact concerning their willingness come hire previous offenders. Because we haven’t heard earlier from them, we’ve excellent our very own research into their hiring practices. Fortunately, ours research shown they have hired previous felons in the past.

One key distinction with Remedy Staffing is that it looks together though her felony may need to more than seven years old to occupational with them. This leads us to think that former offenders have an mean chance of finding occupational through Remedy Staffing. Our research additionally leads united state to think that all applicants will be inquiry to undergo a elevator check and a drug test.

If this sounds prefer the one for you, go to their careers web page here.

Robert Half

One of the key differences in between Robert half and other staffing organ is the they seem come offer much more clerical and also office positions. As soon as we asked lock if lock hire previous felons, their an answer was unclear. When it’s feasible they’re ready to hire former offenders, us didn’t find any type of information in our study to confirm that they have.

With that being said, it’s just unclear how an excellent the chances are that former felons will uncover work v Robert Half. Us do recognize that any type of offer of employment they expand depends top top the outcomes of your background check. Medicine testing appears to be done on an separation, personal, instance basis, based upon the client’s requirements.

If this sounds like the one because that you, walk to their careers web page here.

Roth Staffing

Roth Staffing has actually offices in major cities all throughout the USA. Us haven’t yet made call with them, and also the details we discovered during our study left us uncertain even if it is or not they hire previous felons.

While they’re willingness come hire former felons is unclear, they do make it clear that all applicants will go with a background check and drug screening.

If this sounds prefer the one because that you, walk to their careers page here.


Veritude differs from other agencies in that it is the internal staffing source for Fidelity Investments. According to their statement, felonies do potential employee “ineligible in an overwhelming number of cases.”

This obviously suggests a low opportunity that former felons will have the ability to find tasks through Veritude. Along with their very thorough background check, that looks like most candidates space asked to finish a medicine screening as well.

If this sounds favor the one because that you, go to your careers page here.

Temp agencies that hire felons v restrictions

Staffing agencies that hire recent felons

So, after looking through the perform of significant staffing agencies above, you might be wonder which ones are most likely to hire felons who’ve been released recently. If you’ve simply returned residence after prison, us recommend speak with among these staffing agencies:

AdeccoExpress EmploymentIntegrity StaffingKelly ServicesManpowerOasis OutsourcingThe Onin GroupPeoplelink Staffing Solutions

Staffing agencies that hire felons top top probation

For few of you, your felony might not have required you to go to prison at all. Instead, friend may have actually been released on probation. If that’s the case, you may be looking for temp agencies that hire felons who are on probation. Here are our recommendations:

AdeccoExpress EmploymentIntegrity StaffingKelly ServicesManpowerOasis OutsourcingThe Onin GroupPeoplelink Staffing Solutions

Staffing agencies the hire felons after ~ 5 years

In researching other industries, we’ve discovered that many employers require your felony to be over five years old prior to they’ll think about hiring you. Together you deserve to tell, the staffing company industry is very different in this respect. In fact, many of the providers we looked at over seem come be willing to hire former felons right away after their release!

The only exemption we discovered from our list was Remedy Staffing, i beg your pardon prefers that your felony be over seven year old prior to they hire you. The key lesson here: there are carriers out over there which may be much more open to hiring you as soon as your felony is a little further in the past.

Staffing agencies the hire felons with no experience

Some the you might be wondering if there are staffing organ that will certainly hire you also if friend don’t have any experience in the kind of work-related their clients do. Fortunately, many temp agencies do!

While they’re always happy to find potential employee with appropriate experience, most of castle (and their clients) understand that you’ll require training. V this in mind, don’t let a absence of experience be a obstacle to using with any kind of of this companies:

AdeccoExpress EmploymentIntegrity StaffingKelly ServicesManpowerOasis OutsourcingThe Onin GroupPeoplelink Staffing SolutionsRemedy Staffing

Local staffing agencies that hire felons

Many that the staffing organ we’ve looked at so far have offices located all transparent the USA. However, it’s additionally entirely feasible that over there are smaller sized temp agencies that hire felons situated near you. Be sure to take some time come check and also see if over there are smaller sized agencies in her area that might be ready to think about hiring you. You have the right to look for these providers in a couple of different ways:

If you have actually a phone book, check in the yellow pages under “staffing agencies” or “temp agencies”.Do a Google find for “staffing agencies close to me”.Ask your regional career facility if they’re aware of any kind of other staffing organ in your area.

How to gain a job with staffing agencies the hire felons

Are you all set to submit your application v a staffing firm near you? Great! prior to you run out and apply with a staffing company near you, here’s what we recommend:

First, execute a little research to view which staffing agencies have actually offices in your area. Friend can likewise search countless of the staffing agencies’ websites to uncover out what companies they’re hiring for.

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Once you uncover a staffing agency you’re interested in, here are part tips to do the most of the interview process:

Upon arrival, you’ll more than likely need to get in your resume information into their system. Castle may also have friend take some tests to view what skills you have actually that might be helpful to their clients.After that, they’ll most likely sit down with you because that an interview. Be certain to be moral with them about your background, as most of lock will do a background check to check your information.Try to keep your answers concentrated on how you’ve functioned on bettering yourself due to the fact that the time of your offense. Make sure you stop prison slang and bad language, and don’t tell story that glorify your criminal behavior.Overall, you want to talk about the an abilities you’ll lug to the job and also why you’re the perfect human to work-related for their client. A couple of key points staffing agencies love to hear about potential employees are features like: being willing come work any shift, gift a rapid learner, and being dependable. Having actually reliable transportation is really important to them together well.

Now the you’ve nailed the interview, here’s what you must do:

Ask many questions. Number out exactly where the firm is that you’ll be functioning for. What space the hrs you’ll it is in working? perform they have actually an employee entrance? Who carry out you have to speak with once you obtain there? do they require special apparel (steel-toed boots, etc.)?Be on time and also avoid absent work if at all possible! few of the work you acquire may it is in temporary, while others will be temp-to-hire positions. That way from the moment you start working for them, they’re wondering if you’re the form of human being they’d choose to rental full-time. Things favor tardiness, regular absences and laziness are significant turn-offs.On the other hand, if you acquire in there and also work hard, it’s entirely feasible they’ll desire to rental you on directly once your temp contract is up. In this way, what started as a couple of days (or weeks) the work can actually turn right into a career! It every starts through a great work ethic and also a an excellent attitude!

Have you been hired through a staffing company before? Share her experiences!

Are girlfriend a former felon who’s uncovered work through a temp agency? If so, you re welcome share your story in the comment below. We’d love come hear about your experience. Do you have any type of advice because that our reader that we may have actually overlooked? Or carry out you know of any type of temp agencies we didn’t mention above that space felon-friendly?

Also, if you have any kind of questions that we didn’t answer above, please feel complimentary to ask castle here. We’d love come hear indigenous you!