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Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan is wherein the Watsons live, and the winters obtain much as well cold there for Momma Watson"s tastes.

The Brown Bomber

The Brown Bomber is the Watson family"s 1948 Plymouth.

Clark elementary School

Clark is the institution that the Watson kids attend in Flint, Michigan.

Plastic Dinosaurs

Kenny has actually a big collection the plastic dinosaurs. His former friend LJ stole fifty percent of the dinosaurs, and when Kenny and Rufus become friends, Rufus plays with the dinosaurs v Kenny.

The Mourning Dove

Byron accidentally kills a mourning dove and also then is conquer with regret. He buries the dove and marks the grave with a popsicle-stick cross.

The True-Tone AB-700 Ultra-Glide

The True-Tone AB-700 Ultra-Glide is a automobile record player, intended no to skip in the car due come vibrations. Dad buys the document player for the drive under to Grandma Sands" house.

The Angel

Mrs. Davidson gives...

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