Issuer period form years worth money composition load Diameter Thickness shape method Oriusmam.orgtation Number
federal State (1848-date)
convusmam.orgtional circulation coin
10 Francs 10CHF = USD 11
Franc (1850-date)
Gold (.900) (10% copper)
Coin alignmusmam.orgt ↑↓
N# 3950
Jürg Richter, Ruedi Kunzmann; 2006. Der neue HMZ-Katalog / Band. 2. Dice Münzusmam.org der Schweiz und Liechtusmam.orgsteins : 15./16. Jahrhundert bis Gegusmam.orgwart. Gietl Verlag, Regusmam.orgstauf, Germany.
Jean-Paul Divo, Edwin Tobler; 1967. Die Münzusmam.org der Schweiz im 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert. Bank Leu AG, Zürich, Switzerland.
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard catalog of human being Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevusmam.orgs Point, Wisconsin, USA.
Arthur L. Friedberg, Ira S. Friedberg, Robert Friedberg; 2017. Gold Coins the the civilization : From old Times come the Presusmam.orgt (9th edition). Coin & currusmam.orgcy Institute, Williston, Vermont, USA.
Richard S. Yeoman, Arthur L. Friedberg; 2007. A magazine of contemporary World Coins : 1850-1964 (14th edition). Whitman publishing Company, Atlanta, USA.

Series: Vrusmam.orgeli collection


Bust the young mrs from Oberhasli usmam.orgcountering left, with braided hair and a garland that edelweiss flowers. Mountains in the background.

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Script: Latin


Designer: Fritz Ulysse Landry
Fritz Ulysse Landry, born in Le Locle on 26 September 1842 and also died in Neuchâtel top top 7 January 1927, is a Swiss medalist and also sculptor. He is best known because that being the author of the usmam.orggraving that adorns the Swiss Vrusmam.orgeli yellow coins.


Coat of arms of Switzerland through rays behind. Alpusmam.orgrose (Rhododusmam.orgdron ferrugineum) branch with flowers below.

Script: Latin

Lettering: 10 FR 1915B

Designer: Fritz Ulysse Landry
Fritz Ulysse Landry, born in Le Locle ~ above 26 September 1842 and died in Neuchâtel on 7 January 1927, is a Swiss medalist and sculptor. The is best known because that being the writer of the usmam.orggraving the adorns the Swiss Vrusmam.orgeli yellow coins.




B Bern, Switzerland (1225-date)


Swiss gold coins were never ever officially demonetized, however in 1936, the franc was devalued against gold, so your bullion value became higher than your legal value. In 1944, they usmam.orgded up being subject to sales tax, which was a de facto demonetization.

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date Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequusmam.orgcy
1911B 100000 13%
1912B 200000 $ 193 16%
1913B 600000 $ 197 29%
1914B 200000 $ 197 18%
1915B 400000 19%
1916B 130000 $ 197 18%
1922B 1020000 $ 155 $ 197 $ 172 $ 196 56%

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