Decorating and also dyeing Easter egg is a wonderful frugal activity. For around $4-$7 you have the right to buy dye, a dozen or more eggs the you space going come eat anyway, and create family memories.

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Dyeing eggs

1. Boil or blow her eggs. Blowing out raw eggs requires putting a tiny hole in one end and a slightly larger hole in the other end. If holding the egg over a bowl, gently blow right into the tiny hole so the the fluid egg goes into the bowl.

2. Mix warm water and also a colour agent. I use 1/2 cup heat water to one dye tablet. An egg dyeing kit in ~ your neighborhood drug or grocery save is about $1.99 prior to sales. Every kit includes dye tablets and a dipping tool. The best part is the box. It comes pre-scored so the you deserve to push out holes and also then placed your eggs in the holes because that drying. This is the only product that I in reality buy because that the box, above. Numerous stores have post-holiday clearance sales and some start before the holiday. Buying your supplies at the critical minute have the right to lead to great discounts.

Tip: you can likewise use food coloring and also the empty egg carton for drying to conserve even much more money. Why buy dye tablets if you already have food coloring in ~ home?

3. If you want to be an ext natural, use natural dyes to color Easter eggs. Use spinach for green, beets because that pink and also red zinger tea for lavender. Color the eggs in this way is an ext expensive, yet could be more educational.

4. Using some type of dunking tool (use plastic gloves if you use your hands), placed eggs in the dyeing liquid.

5. Wait a couple of seconds for light coloring or a couple of minutes for a deep hue. Girlfriend can double dip however wait for the first shade come dry.

6. Take the egg out and put in was standing to dry. Dry times vary. If you want to eat the egg later, carry out not put the egg in the sun to dry.


Decorating eggs

1. Disney’s FamilyFun site has actually a wonderful list of Easter egg decorating principles that incorporate using noodle balls, string, elastic bands and also thumbprints to enhance your dyed eggs. My favorites are:

Dribble glue on the eggs. Let them dry, climate dip in dye. Once the dye is dry, tenderness pull off the glue.Glue tiny stickers on the eggs. Certain they are well grounding on. Dip, dry & peel.Glue string on the eggs. Let dry. Emboldened & dry. You might want to keep the string on for a new texture.Or… just forget the entire dyeing idea and also paint the heat egg v crayon. The warm of the egg melts the crayon.

2. Placed bunny ear on the eggs and also hide them. Eat too many of cacao while you do this.

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3. What about those DIY decorating approaches floating roughly Facebook? we tried castle out and had quite a couple of fails.

Is Vinegar Necessary?

All of the articles I uncovered suggested including vinegar to the dye mixture. However, this is not essential for every color. Mine daughter and also I experimented including vinegar and also it makes every shade brighter except purple and also red. Because that these color vinegar renders the color come out duller. Anyone a chemistry major? Why is this so?