If girlfriend cannot find the fuel door release, open up the gas cap, or the release is broken on the Subaru Outback continue listed below to find the uncomplicated procedures to monitor which will open and or deal with the release.

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**NOTE: If you cannot discover the Fuel Door Release, open the gas lid or space unable to settle the Fuel Door with the feather on the an initial try, REPEAT the steps. If you space still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your auto user’s manual.

The Fuel Door Release lever is situated on the floor to the LEFT that the DRIVER’s seat. (It will have actually a gas pump symbol on it and looks like the image above).

Pull this lever UP to open up the Fuel Door.After pulling the lever, walk about to the Fuel Door and pull the open.

*TIP: To recognize which next of the automobile the Fuel Door is on, look in ~ the fuel gauge situated within the dashboard. There will be a gas pump symbol with an arrow pointing to the RIGHT. This method the Fuel Door is on the RIGHT next of her vehicle.



If the feather On The Fuel Door Is Broken

Have someone pull UP the Fuel Door bar while girlfriend pull open the fuel door. Or if you space alone, use something to prop up the lever, climate you have the right to pull the door open.

*Eventually, friend will must purchase a brand-new spring for the Fuel Door to open properly. Springs room not costly, they run about $6 and also are extremely easy come install together it just pops right in.

Once the spring is in place, permit the release lever down.Close the fuel door.Then usage the bar to open up the fuel door.

Open the Gas Cap

Grip the Gas cap firmly and turn it to the LEFT.

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To near the Gas Cap

Put the Gas Cap back on and also turn it come the RIGHT till you hear the CLICK.Once the Gas lid is on securely, close the Fuel Door by pushing it IN completely. If you execute not press it hard enough it will certainly not close. Therefore double inspect before you walk away. 

You are an excellent to GO!

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