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(Smokey Robinson/Frank Wilson)Walk through meTake mine handOoooh, oooh ooohOoohh, oooh oooh(Still water)(Still water)Never you mind if IDon"t phone call strangers passing byIf ns don"t bragIf ns don"t brag or boastClick my glass and say a toastAbout mine love for youHow it operation so deep and also trueAnd however it"s so"Cause don"t you know, ohhStill waters operation deepStill waters run deepStill waters operation deepStill waters operation deepOooohWalk with meTake mine handStill waterStill water(Walk through me, take it my hand)Whoa, whoa, whoa nowStill waters run deepHey, hey, hey, heyWhoa, whoa, whoa nowStill waters operation deep
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