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NOTE: The complying with codes job-related only when provided with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). This codes WILL no WORK there is no a compatible application.
NOTE: The adhering to codes work-related only when provided with a softmodded Wii running the Gecko OS (or compatible homebrew application). These codes WILL no WORK without a compatible application.

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Cheat Mode:Complete the first mission to unlock Rogue Shadow. Then accessibility the enter Code alternative in the Extras menu and also enter the codes. Invincibility:Enter CORTOSIS as a code.Amplified lightsaber damage:Enter LIGHTSABER together a code.Unlimited Force:Enter VERGENCE as a code.1,000,000 pressure points:Enter SPEEDER as a code.All force powers:Enter TYRANUS together a code.Maximum force power level:Enter KATARN as a code.Maximum combo level:Enter COUNTDOOKU together a code.All costumes:Enter GRANDMOFF as a code.Kento"s robe:Enter WOOKIEE together a code.Ceremonial Jedi robes:Enter DANTOOINE as a code.Sith Stalker armor:Enter KORRIBAN together a code.Sith robes:Enter HOLOCRON together a code.501st Legion:Enter LEGION as a code.Aayla Secura:Enter AAYLA as a code.Admiral Ackbar:Enter ITSATWAP together a code.Anakin Skywalker:Enter CHOSENONE together a code.Asajj Ventress:Enter ACOLYTE together a code.Chop"aa Notimo:Enter NOTIMO together a code.Classic stormtrooper:Enter TK421 as a code.Count Dooku:Enter SERENNO together a code.Darth Desolous:Enter PAUAN together a code.Darth Maul:Enter ZABRAK together a code.Darth Phobos:Enter HIDDENFEAR as a code.Darth Vader:Enter SITHLORD together a code.Drexl Roosh:Enter DREXLROOSH as a code.Emperor Palpatine:Enter PALPATINE together a code.General Rahm Kota:Enter MANDALORE together a code.Han Solo:Enter NERFHERDER as a code.Heavy trooper:Enter SHOCKTROOP together a code.Juno Eclipse:Enter ECLIPSE as a code.Kleef:Enter KLEEF as a code.Lando Calrissian:Enter SCOUNDREL as a code.Luke Skywalker (Yavin):Enter YELLOWJCKT as a code.Luke Skywalker:Enter T16WOMPRAT together a code.Mace Windu:Enter JEDIMASTER together a code.Mara Jade:Enter MARAJADE as a code.Maris Brook:Enter MARISBROOD as a code.Navy commando:Enter STORMTROOP together a code.Obi Wan Kenobi:Enter BENKENOBI as a code.Proxy:Enter HOLOGRAM together a code.Qui Gon Jinn:Enter MAVERICK together a code.Shaak Ti:Enter TOGRUTA together a code.Shadow trooper:Enter INTHEDARK together a code.Twi"lek:Enter SECURA as a code. acquire the best choice of Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed Cheats, codes & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ because that Nintendo Wii from Cheat password CentralThe Genie has an ext Star Wars: The force Unleashed cheat at CheatingDome.com.