A representative payee is a human or company assigned to take care of Social Security disability (SSD) benefits for a disabled individual. Any kind of person the is can not to manage their very own benefits or to straight someone rather to control their benefits for lock must have actually a representative payee.

The representative payee is compelled to carry out the social Security management (SSA) with comprehensive information top top a regular simple about how benefits room spent. This is the purpose of the form SSA-623.

Why This form is Important

A payee acts together an advocate and also accountant for a disabled individual. They have financial obligation for controlling benefits received through:


The payee is ultimately responsible for ensuring SSDI and/or SSI benefits space spent:

in the means the disabled human being needs in order to pay for everyday living expenses and also for medical needs


only on prices or in means that space approved by the SSA.

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Any benefit funds that are not needed immediately must be conserved to cover future cost for the disabled individual. Ensuring this wake up is additionally one that the payee’s responsibilities.

Form SSA-623 needs the representative payee come account because that all advantage funds issued within a specifically time period. The SSA sends out notices for this form to be perfect on one intermittent schedule.

Whenever a payee receives an alert that kind SSA-623 is required, they need to fill it out and return in in ~ the timeframe allotted in the notice. This timeframe come complete and return the form is only 10 days indigenous the day the notification was generated. Failure to submit the form as forced can an outcome in a payment delays and also can also lead come SSDI and/or SSI benefits being stopped.

Filling out the Form

A representative payee must keep detailed records of every financial activity related to the services he or she manages, but this is not the only details the SSA requests on the Representative Payee Report Form. Store the adhering to in mind when completing type SSA-623:Keep your audit records as much as date and also have castle handy. perform not fall behind on maintaining records around how handicap payments space spent or saved. The SSA defines the “report period” or time structure for which audit records are needed. You will discover this date selection near the optimal of the form, close to your name. For sure you carry out details of every monies spent or saved throughout the report period. Answer all inquiries honestly and completely. Some concerns on this kind pertain come you. Others are about the disabled individual because that whom you manage benefits. Countless questions only have to be reply if you space the representative payee because that a minor child or a disabled adult child. Read all indict thoroughly and ensure you finish all compelled questions honestly and completely. Provide financial institution account information. The SSA knows what account castle deposit benefit funds to each month. This countless not be the only account provided for managing advantage monies though. For sure you administer accurate bank account info for all checking, savings, and also other account used during the report period. Continue keeping detailed and organized records of every disability advantage monies invested or saved.

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The SSA periodically worries requests for you come fill the end Representative Payee Report forms. You have actually an continuous responsibility as the payee to save detailed bookkeeping records and you will require these documents each time you get a request to complete another report form. Hang top top receipts, canceled checks, and also other documentation. The SSA walk not want you to rotate in these documents at the moment you complete type SSA-623. They deserve to request these documents later, if they need to verify the info you provide. Under part circumstances, the SSA allows representative payees come fill out report forms online. Others have to complete and also mail hardcopy reports to the attend to of the an alert they receive. The notification you obtain informs you of your options for filling out and also submitting form SSA-623. Ensure you revolve in the completed form by the deadline date and constantly keep a copy of every SSA records for your records.