Don"t overlook transforming your spark plugs in ~ the recommended intervals, even if castle seem to be working fine.

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This article uses to the Ford Mustang V6 (1994-2004).

Changing your sparks plugs is one job that many folks shy far from, however it doesn"t need to be a task to immediately consider a agree to do. In today"s compact engine compartments, many plugs are challenging to obtain to, however they aren"t impossible. It is no much various with a Mustang engine. There is one plug top top the V6 the is tricky to get to, but if you have actually the appropriate tools and also some patience, you can change them the end yourself. You have the right to purchase replacement plugs in ~ just around any auto store at assorted price points. Simply as plenty of folks will swear by platinum, as will certainly tell girlfriend to continue to be away native platinum plugs. Whichever friend choose, simply be certain that they space the correct size for her car and that they room gapped properly according come Ford. Friend may have a sticker under her hood that will give you the correct space size for her engine. Having actually a skilled do the job for you can be much easier on her time, but certainly not on her wallet. If you want to conserve yourself a substantial amount the cash, think about trying this task on your own.


Materials NeededRatchet with assorted sized extensions8mm wrench5/8 sockets and a spark plug socketFlat head screwdriver

Step 1 – Disconnect the battery

Open your hood and secure it with the rod. It is always a an excellent idea come disconnect your battery at any time you room working in the engine compartment.

Figure 1. It"s constantly your safest gambling to disconnect the battery before working under the hood.

Step 2 – eliminate the airbox

While this project isn"t the most difficult, you have the right to make it simpler by providing yourself some much more room come work. Removed the air crate is pretty straightforward and simple. One 8mm bolt and also a flat head screwdriver must do the trick. The 8mm screw attaches the front-left side of the airbox to the frame, and also the rear of the airbox is attached through a level head driver on a hold clamp.

Figure 2. An 8mm nut and loosening the water tap clamp is all it takes to eliminate the airbox assembly.

Step 3 – change the passenger"s next plugs

The very first two plugs towards the former on the passenger"s next are fairly easy to remove. You"ll want your spark plug socket, a really long extension and a ratchet to get the task done. The is most basic to have actually the socket attached first and overview it right into the plug hole. Merely remove the plug wire boot, then the old spark plug, and replace it v a new plug the is appropriately gapped. Perform this because that the first two plugs toward the former of the auto on the passenger"s side. You deserve to see the requirement in removing that airbox to offer you the room you need to work. As soon as you install the brand-new plugs, placed them slightly in the socket first; no all the method in, yet just enough that it continues to be put. Gently place it right into the plug hole and start it by hand till it is snug. You execute not desire to cross-thread the new plugs in the hole, or else you will have a significant job to resolve that issue. When it is hand-tight, attach your ratchet and also give it an additional 1/2 come 3/4 turn. Execute the very same for the rear many plug closest come the firewall. This plug is the most difficult to get to, but it deserve to be done v a little more patience.

Figure 3. Removed the first two prior plugs is a pretty straightforward process.

Step 4 – change the driver"s side plugs

All of the plugs top top the driver"s side are simple to replace. Girlfriend only need the ratchet and the socket; no extensions are necessary for these. Change one at a time, so you won"t have any type of worry around getting any kind of of the plug wires the end of order. Pull turn off one plug cable boot, and also remove the plug making use of your ratchet and also the plug socket. Top top this side, you should be able to replace the plug with just your hands, being careful to begin the plug and then hand-tighten only. Once it is snug, again, only around 1/2 rotate with the socket is all the tightness you must install the brand-new plug. Make certain all this plugs are effectively gapped, as well.

Figure 4. ~ above the driver"s side, you do not require an expansion on your ratchet.
Pro Tip

As you are replacing her plugs, visually examine your plug wires because that wear. Look for arcing marks or cracking, and replace if necessary. The is additionally a an excellent idea to check the old plugs to uncover if your engine is running as well hot and dry, or also lean.

Step 5 – Reinstall the airbox assembly

Once you have actually your brand-new plugs in, be certain to securely reattach the airbox assembly. Set it back in place and also secure the rear host clamp first, together this will give you the pat you might need to chair it properly. Make sure that you have actually a really an excellent seal before tightening down the organize clamp. When that is done, replace the 8mm bolt the holds the prior of the airbox to the frame.

Figure 5. Change the airbox assembly and also inspect the problem of her old wait filter.
Pro Tip

Now is a great idea to pop the latches top top the airbox and also remove the old wait filter come visually check it. Replacing the waiting filter is basic and will certainly ensure a long life of your engine, so invest the extra couple of bucks top top a new one.

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Step 6 – Reconnect battery and give that a start

Once you room done through the job, reconnect your battery and also start up her car. Make sure that it sound normal, and no misfires and also no CELs are illuminated.

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Figure 6. After you have buttoned her earlier up, start the car and also make sure every little thing looks and sounds great.

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