You can tell a many on exactly how your observed is performing by looking in ~ the Poulan 2150 spark plug electrode to view if the witnessed is running appropriately or requirements a song up. If the plug is black the air filters is clogged increase or the fuel is stale fouling the end the spark plug. If the spark plug is white or gray the saw is to run to lean and hot i beg your pardon will cause your engine to fail. If the sparkplug is burning tan in color you deserve to safely say it is performing at top performance. It is constantly a great idea to have actually a few extra Poulan 2150 spark plug replacement parts for her chain saw.

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Suitable instead of Poulan 2150 Spark Plug

The spark plug is a maker for delivering an electric existing from the ignition coil come the burning chamber to ignite the compressed fuel and also air mixture. The Poulan 2150 spark plug has actually a threaded steel shell and also a porcelain covering with a electrode in the center and a floor electrode.


The high voltage from the ignition coil travels through an insulated spark plug cable to the terminal on height of the spark plug, climate travels down the electrode threw the porcelain insulator come the ground electrode i m sorry is connected to the metal bottom human body of the spark plug and is screwed right into the cylinder.

Spark plugs can either have actually a metal gasket to seal the spark plug to the cylinder or a taper spark plug come seal the spark plug come the cylinder. The warmth from the Poulan 2150 spark plug is dissipated to the cylinder to aid keep the spark plug cool.

When a tune up is done on a chain experienced be certain to change the Poulan 2150 spark plug for top performance and also use the exactly spark plug per manufactures recommendations for your chain saw and also gap the spark plug come the suitable gap per the chain saws manufactures referrals ifnecessary.

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