The woah woah song. I can"t remember any of the actual text to google it, and, obviously, the artist has actually escaped me. You recognize ... "woah woah woa-o-ah woooah woah wo-oa-oah/woah woah woa-o-ah woooah woah wo-oa-oah/woah woah woa-o-ah woooah woah wo five ooooah"So ... That is it?

That"s... No a hell that a lot of to walk with. Um, male or female vocals? Genre? current or old? Anything?Edit - that course, this gift Ars, I"m certain someone will understand this ideal off the bat.

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Erasure - "Love to dislike You"That has actually a Woah part in it -- View image here: --

Yup. And I simply asked this question around 2 mainly ago. I"m happy to know im not the only one who didnt understand the song.

Y"all have the right to just Paypal me. -- View photo here: --

I originally thought it can have been from The appropriate Stuff (or the weird Al version, The White Stuff). However I"ve never ever heard Zombie Nation, so....

Yeah, no ... You every suck. Allright ... Lets try some an ext here ... Non-american accent, large song native the 80"s most likely a one-hit wonder. I desire to speak it"s Tears for Fears, however it"s definitely not. You know .... Woah woah woah-oh-oah .... C"mon!
What the fuck was that shit? I have no idea where you heard that those guys, yet dude .... Not IT.edit: I"ve listened to around as lot of Zombie country as I have the right to take, and also dude, there"s no fucking "woah"s in there ... Girlfriend know, choose a man singing "woah" as one of the widespread lyrics. Not prefer Bill and also Ted woah, but kinda prefer Bill and also Ted woah, since it"s the very same word, but, like, sung rather of, friend know, said.

I"ve listened to around as lot of Zombie nation as I can take, and also dude, there"s no fucking "woah"s in over there
Maybe you got a weird version of the song, due to the fact that "woah" or "woaho" is the only lyric in the song.I"ll take her word the it wasn"t what friend were looking for though.

Pro-Zak dubbed it native the very first thing I believed of. I am a month under 30 if that helps to place it timewise from the 80"s.

I know the song. But I don"t understand the surname of it. I entirely know the song, though. EDIT: after ~ looking up Tarzan Boy, i think Pro-Zak is right.

Isn"t this track in a advertising or something, because I"m no musically inclined and I can recognize the song, not name or artist, instantly.On another off shoot does anyone understand what song is in the Starburst commercial, the one where the kid makes his GF"s confront out that Starburst?What about the Honday commercial, something prefer dream under an orange sky.

I"m betting Pro-Zak is right and that song was supplied in Listerine commercials through the bottle of Listerine swinging approximately on a vine.

It could be track 75 indigenous the first disc of the Wild Arms 2nd Ignition original Soundtrack...I wish ns were joking. -- View photo here: --

Is it that design template from the Vonage Commercials, and likewise found in kill Bill?Thats the only thing I deserve to think of, otherwise, ns think it would be where Is my Mind by the Pixies.

I was thinking Red Skies through the Fixx.Half the that track is "Red Skies in ~ night, (echo) woah-oh, (echo) woah woah woah woah-oh five oh ohhhhh."

++ Tarzan Boy.I recognize where human being were going v Zombie Nation, however I do have actually two versions of the song, one v "woah"s and also one there is no "woah"s. So i think we had actually conflicting woah-ed filled song listened come here. Umm, right.

Originally post by weich:On another off shoot go anyone recognize what track is in the Starburst commercial, the one whereby the kid renders his GF"s challenge out of Starburst?

There room no woah"s in Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, just Mmm"s.i great hugin would come ago and offer some closure here. It"s gained to be Red Skies or Things can Only acquire Better. 80"s, check, large hit, check, one-hit wonder, almost, not tears for Fears, check.

What about NKOTB? ns don"t mental the surname of the song, and also it was an ext of an oh sound, yet still, that fits.

Hangin" difficult is prolly the one you"re thinking of, Tegid.The best Stuff is complete of woah"s too.O O oOoO O reoO O oOoThe White Stuff.

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