I just readjusted the liquid in my infection last night and also used the Simplicity fluid recommended. There to be a difference in the containers, together one was an larger container:


I had poured in the enlarge fluid, followed by the the more recent stiff and noticed the there was a far-ranging difference in the illustration of the fluids. The fluid in the older container to be amber in color and definately much more viscous contrasted to the fluid in the newer container, which was nearly clear. The older fluid appeared an ext like equipment oil than the more recent stuff.Anyone have any type of comments or explanations ?

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I bought numerous containers the the older kind in the white container. This is what ns am currently running in mine AC 716H. Functions fine. Once I change next time, i am walking to usage ATF.

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quote:Originally posted by Dave-SaratogaAnyone have any comments or explanations does Simplicity offer more than one form of Hydro Oil? space the part numbers the same?Maybe the newer oil is needed for the more recent tractors, but is behind compatable and also will job-related with the larger tractors too. Far better check it out.

quote:Originally posted by HubbardRAI bought number of containers of the older kind in the white container. This is what i am currently running in mine AC 716H. Functions fine. When I change next time, i am going to usage ATF.My Simplicity manual referred to as for ATF in the hydro unit.When ns drained the original fluid, it was hydro oil. I replaced it through ATF as per the manual. Every seal began to leak.Another Simplicity hands-on for the same tractor referred to as for hydro oil no ATF.I drained the ATF and also replaced it v hydro oil. The leaks stopped.
Dutch,I"m happy you called me that. Only reason i was walking to adjust to ATF is the it seems that is what many of the males are utilizing in your hydros, and also it the is cheaper and easier to get. Don"t desire to put brand-new seals in mine old Sunstrand hydros if ns don"t have to.
The enlarge oil to be purchased indigenous an Johh Deere/Simplicity dealer the was acquiring rid the old stock - he just carries environment-friendly lubes now. They are the same product number, yet not the very same fluid
Comet66 does her tranny leak?I adjusted mine to ATF together per manual and also mine leaks. I also thought I had actually to adjust seals. Would rather change fluids than seals although ns bought a case of ATF I will go the Dutch method and view if the leaks stop.
Could it is in the simplicity liquid is ATF through some extra seal swellant. The various other possoibility is the is what"s called a UTF (Universal tractor fluid) these are what are offered in farm tractor transmissions and also such
Dutch-I"ve viewed the ATF referral in some manuals, but they"re the ones I"ve download from the Simplicity website. Regularly there space cross-outs and edits throughout those manuals. I"ve even seen one manual speak to for ATF fluid in the tranny and 90w equipment oil in the BGB.In the initial owners hands-on for mine B-110 and in the B-110/B-112 parts hands-on they call for the Simplicity multi-purpose hydraulic liquid - which is what I"ve constantly used. I just thought that was interesting that the fluids were different - the color might be an result of age, but the viscosities that the 2 fluids were dramatically different. Possibly its just more recent formulations and additives (which are usually carcinogenic btw) resulting in lower viscosity.

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Dave,If ns were you, I"d call Simplicity. Their techs should be able to explain why the "same" fluids room different.I"d additionally talk to one of their business guys. Those men are most likely exposed to more problems and cures in one year than many of united state will ever before see in a lifetime.

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